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  1. Most of those look pretty bad. OKC might be decent with that orange. What is the far right black one?
  2. You're right. I didn't realize the replicas were that different. I can't believe they didn't change the striping at all then. That's really lazy and strange.
  3. I can't recall a pro team ever doing a full re-brand and not changing any of the striping, accents or details on the uniforms. Personally I think they threw this together so quickly that they haven't even produced a real uniform yet. The ones on the website initially were obvious photoshops and I think the ones at the PC were just old jerseys with the new font and logo slapped on. Although the ones on the online shop are partial photoshops too (at least the front/back content) I would trust these over the others as they have unique striping.
  4. It's so odd that the Clippers officially released poorly photoshopped, inaccurate uniforms on their website prior to the actual unveiling. I can't recall that being done anywhere before. American Airlines ads instead of the website. Yeeck.
  5. I actually think the court is decent. That logo would be alright as a simple secondary logo had they really had a great primary.
  6. Suns '90s throwback. Same concept as the original but with the '90s colors and logo.
  7. These are great. Do you have a photoshop template with the overlay stuff?
  8. Forgive me if it has already been answered, but what is going on around the flame in the secondary logo? What is that lava lamp shape with the flat top?
  9. Here's a Bucks throwback. Credit ren69 for the amazing updated Bango logo.
  10. OK, I realize this one isn't creative and falls in with the trend of simply slapping an oversized logo on, but I love the logo and colors too much to resist doing it anyway.
  11. I wanted to incorporate more of the Hornets identity so I made an alt helmet for them. I used a subtle honeycomb pattern similar to their court along with the striping from their jerseys. The minor asymmetry bothered me a bit but I decided to keep it in. Consider it an homage to the (asymmetry of the) uniforms themselves.
  12. Are the old style dog and new dog both widely used? I know nothing about Georgetown.
  13. Not big on their colors or logos, but since I already spent the time creating my template for the TCU one, I will do a couple. What is the Hoya pattern? That digitized gray camo look? Also, do you think they really want the NBA lane included?
  14. Well, a designer did the same idea and it was published by several sites in the last couple days. http://imgur.com/a/P4Ape The Blazers one looks familiar. Probably just a coincidence.
  15. Since the cream isn't that far off from certain wood stains, I wonder if the whole court will just be stained to that color.
  16. If you removed the city name, simplified the Clippers font then slightly enlarged it and the ship, you'd have a really nice primary that works from a practical perspective as well.
  17. Yeah it's just a combo of the old primary and new secondary. I like it.
  18. Found this from a Google image search. Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/107242034846674395/
  19. You can't put blue boxing gloves on a green kangaroo. That's Color Theory 101.
  20. That's what I assumed. But as you point out, they break the "rules" many more times than that. What I still don't understand is how any of that talk about rules has anything to do with pre-"computerized fonts" or "inconsistencies in the team's lettering". Perhaps if they had two of the same letter or number that were different (such as one 8 with notches and one 8 without notches), that talk would make sense. But whether or not you follow your own rules in making each letter has nothing to do with whether or not you used a computer.
  21. Can someone explain why the notches in the font are "technically wrong"?