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  1. Georgia @ Clemson, 1980s SDSU @ BYU 1980's Holy Cross 1980s Syracuse @ Rutgers 1980s
  2. I really like all of the teams, logos, and uniforms. However, I am really interested in the game you are developing. any news on that? looking forward to more updates!!
  3. What manufacturer logo is that? I can't remember their name for the life of me but I believe Tennessee had the same outfitter before Adidas. It looks really unique, I have never seen it before, and the only place it appears on the uniform appears to be the left sleeve. that's pretty interesting
  4. Antwaan Randle El 2001 Indiana Hoosiers
  5. I'm Not usually a fan of that all gold thing, but youre right, that looks pretty good!
  6. PSU 1969 Illinois 1962 Dick Butkus Brett Favre 1990 Southern Miss
  7. Those were from Coach McMackin's first year as head coach about 3 or 4 years ago. Not sure what the school has in store for the athletic branding/naming of the teams (Rainbows, Rainbow Warriors, Rainbow Wahine, Warriors). The new AD, Ben Jay, was hoping to look into unifying the athletic teams to minimize confusion with their names. There was a buzz going on last year when Norm Chow was hired as the new football coach and called the team the Rainbow Warriors. Sorry for the misinformation guys! I didnt really know when they were from, but it didnt seem like 3 years ago already lol. (I guess i dont get a whole lot of hawaii info while living here in PA) But anyway, I would love to see a return as the Rainbow warriors. I never thought it was feminine or trivial, and by changing the name to get rid of "rainbow" thats when it almost began to be associated with being offensive IMO. anyhoo... Here is my retro uni of the morning before my fist class! Wyoming mike dirks (Brown). Tackling BYU QB in white/blue 1965
  8. In reply to SJAnfield, this is from a spring game last year i think.
  9. Thast actually not a blue helmet, its their usual gold helmet but they used blue pride stickers on the shell and gold stickers on the helmet stripe making the helmet look reversed. OHHHH ok i got ya now. I thought that looked a little strange. thanks for pointing that out!
  10. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, 1980s Love these 1980s UCLA Unis 1980s pittsburgh panthers (i never knew they had a blue helmet) 2001 oregon ducks I like these a lot more than the stuff they trot out in now.
  11. Hey everyone! I love this website and just recently found the forums section and have found a lot of interesting threads. However, I was unable to find a thread of retro college football uniforms (late 60s/70s/80s/90s/ even early 2000s) I love making retro uniforms on NCAA Teambuilder, but it is so hard to find retro uniforms unless you search for a specific player from that team in a given era. For example, if I want a 1984 maryland uniform, I need to look up "Boomer Esiason maryland football" in google, and even then its usually a crap shoot. But here is a chance to put some uniforms that you grew up loving in this thread So, for the greater good of the whole comunity, lets just make a thread completely devoted to college football retro uniforms! Please include the year that the uniform was worn! good luck everyone! hope this projhect is a success! I'll start us off! Vinny Testaverde, Miami U, 1989 PSU Joe Jurevicius 1997 With a little bit of late 90s USC in there too lol