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  1. Im not a big fan of soccer jerseys but the 2nd & 3rd ones are fantastic
  2. Hands down the best NBA logo I've ever seen
  3. Interesting design but I personally don't believe they would wear that much purple. The most attractive part of the uni was the gold helmet decal
  4. I love everything about this. The font, logo, colors, name, EVERYTHING.
  5. sorry. i got this from another post and just worked on it from there
  6. I decided to mix this look: with this look: and got this baby: Comments and Criticism welcomed Edit: Made the logo and facemask gradient. Looks WAAAAY better
  7. Sorry,i didnt get it as a template, i took someone else's post and worked on it from there
  8. I thought of doing that but its practically a cardinal sin The plan was to make the complete opposite of the home jersey, not a true all black jersey Not a fan. Sorry. Also, I don't believe LSU ever wore gold against Arkansas. They wore gold against Vanderbilt at home in 1996 because the Commodores refused to agree to LSU wearing white at home (this was the season after Gerry Dinardo left Vandy for LSU). They wore gold jerseys again in the 1997 Independence Bowl against Notre Dame (with white helmets). And they wore gold jerseys again in 1998 versus Florida in Gainesville. I would also suggest using the "Geaux" font for the "LSU" on the helmet. And also, as you can see above, there IS a precedent for LSU not using the shoulder stripes on odd-colored jerseys. So they aren't a MUST. Although I agree that it's part of LSU's signature look. Thanks for the history. I read about the gold jerseys a while ago and I kinda ad-libbed the info
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you LSU's first blackout jersey: Nicknamed the "Black Cat" (couldn't think of a name which included EAUX); This is the Bayou Bengal's first non purple or white top since the 90's in which they were forced to wear gold in a game against Arkansas, their first yellow facemask, and their darkest pair of pants in school history.The reason its dark grey and not a true black is because of my limited editing skills. I felt like I stayed true to the color scheme and created the exact opposite of the white home jersey. The hardest part of creating this was placing the shoulder stripes since the template didnt come with any. Comments & criticism welcome.
  10. I LOVE what you've done so far. Only thing that seems a bit off is the size of the script on certain unis, such as the full TAMU name and razorback script. Keep up with the great work.
  11. I was disappointed learning that these weren't going to be the actual logos, amazing work nonetheless.