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  1. Cheer leading is not a sport

  2. Hating ass niggas worry about me more than my mom does

  3. It's a teen brand, why are there 40 year olds in here?

  4. You haven't lived in broward until you've been to the broward mall, swapshop, or flea market

  5. Imma go to college and major in getting money and :censored:ing bitches

  6. Spelling errors<<<<<

  7. If you buy music, your a :censored:

  8. Donavan is something else ....

  9. The hallways are quieter than usual

  10. 1-800-Get Out Your Feelings

  11. I can't wait for the NFL combine! ?

  12. Ace hood is one of the most underrated rappers

  13. a middleschool fight wasn't complete until the whole crowd was chanting "beat that hoe"

  14. So your telling me I asked for a follow back and you unfollowed me a week later

  15. I wonder what my first tweet was...