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  1. I have the same one, I try to buy my favourite shirt from every world cup. I generally stick with my teams, but not always. Basketball is almost an individual sport wrapped in a team sport and I have several jerseys of players I like. I have plenty of caps with different teams as well. I like sports design so sometimes I see a cool jersey or cap I want and i'm not that fussed if it's a different team. I'm in Australia and apart from the NBA, the knowledge of US sports isn't deep enough for most people I speak to to care.
  2. Looks like you can choose between a civil rights phrase or your name, but not neither. Jimmy Butler started the game without a nameplate at all but the refs made him change.
  3. As a Villa fan I think i'll pass. The comically high badges and sponsor are ridiculous, and I don't love how the raglan sleeve colour continues on to the collar, I think a solid claret or solid blue collar would have done the job better. It's not offensive, it's just a 7/10 kit. Does the job.
  4. It's not trying to be any more minimalist than the more modern version though, it looks unbalanced because the enormous plume is floating off to the left. It reads really strangely without something connecting it. The line weighting is a product of it's time and unsuited to modern use. The modern version captures the same spirit in a much cleaner, more balanced and easier to read way. The only thing the old logo has going for it is nostalgia value.
  5. The Bucks post videos of themselves conducting professional wrestling skits on social media all the time. They are currently favourites to win the title. The NBA also has a popular franchise called the Raptors, named after raptors became popularised by Jurassic Park. They won the title last year. Kraken gives them fun marketing scope and they've formed a cool identity around it. It doesn't stop them being a serious hockey team when it matters.
  6. There are definitely names that are better suited to different sports and different markets. Kraken absolutely suits hockey over the other major sports and it suits Seattle over other markets, given Seattle's ocean themed pro teams. Washington are in a tougher spot because they're an old, historic franchise and will need a name that honours that. Edmonton the same. A brand new expansion team Seattle has a completely different brief and they have some licence to have a more modern, trendy name.
  7. Not only did they do what you're suggesting (and obviously so, the execution is phenomenal), but the visual parts of this identity are perhaps the most universally liked unveiling for a major sports team on this board in memory.
  8. I, like most people around the world, wasn't aware of a minor league baseball side though. It's certainly quirky in the way that it was branded with a cartoon Hornet in unusual for the time sports colours. I can appreciate the historical context now that i'm aware of it but I don't think the Revolutionary War quote has much to do with the popularity of that late 80s and 90s Hornets branding. Maybe it's different in North America, but from an Australian perspective, the Raptors have always been a pretty popular team, certainly more popular than the other expansion teams I listed. I agree that winning (or in the case of Basketball, simply having a star player) trumps everything else.
  9. You don't if you have enormous historical weight behind the name, no. Comparing apples with apples means looking at other modern era expansion teams across major sports. Quirky and exciting names like Hornets and Raptors have resonated better over time than more traditional sounding sports team names like Panthers, Jaguars, Timberwolves and Grizzlies.
  10. But they haven't shed the Raptors name and it remains globally popular. Even without the championship, they'd have faced massive opposition to changing it now. Agree totally that the popularity of this franchise will be dependant on wins, but that's the same with literally every expansion franchise.
  11. I think this is harsh. The name isn't a lot different from the Raptors in 1995. They just picked a cool and popular monster from a blockbuster movie. Brandiose would have called them the Sea Buffaloes or something like that
  12. The only real issue I have with Kraken is that "Seattle Kraken" doesn't really flow when you say it, but practically you're gonna be saying "Seattle" or "The Kraken" so I don't think it's a big deal. I don't really agree that Kraken is minor league or even that "minor league" sounding names are bad. Sockeyes was a favourite here and it's at least as 'minor league' as Kraken. The name is thematically no different from what Raptors was when Toronto entered the NBA. A cool animal that had recently been thrust into prominence and popularity by a blockbuster movie. Does anyone think Raptors sounds minor league after 25 years? Sometimes a cool name is just a cool name and that's fine. Give it some time to bed in, which it will, because they absolutely knocked everything visual out of the park. Wow!
  13. Absolutely, and the Rams have very deliberately gone for trendy instead of timeless. They've gone for peak streetwear and they've probably done pretty well given that brief. It's not really the done thing in the NFL but the NBA and soccer have been doing this sort of disposable trendy design stuff for years and are pushing further and further into it, suggesting it makes money. The bone jersey will be gone after 5 years but there will probably be several other streetwear inspired jerseys around the league by then.
  14. Bizarre decision to go back to that logo with a perfect updated version staring them in the face. It's immediately one of the most outdated looking logos in the league.
  15. The Spurs are starting to prep the fanbase for fiesta jerseys with the classic rigged poll where the option you want to win in a landslide takes one click, and the option you want to lose takes much more effort. Can't wait! https://www.instagram.com/p/CBl3059Jlk1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link