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  1. Absolutely spectacular! They knocked it out of the park.
  2. OBJ is exactly the sort of receiver I'm talking about. He was 12 when the number rule changed, and the best WRs in the league when he was high school age were guys like Moss, Harrison, Chad Johnson, Holt, Owens, and yes, Larry Fitzgerald. I'm just surprised and a bit sad there's been such a comprehensive shift to numbers in the teens. I wonder if eventually numbers in the 80s will seem cool again.
  3. I think star WRs wearing numbers in the 80s is basically lost to the game and that's pretty sad. The only superstar WR I can immediately think of who wears a number starting with 8 is Landry, and he'd be wearing 14 if it wasn't retired at the Browns. I know it's arbitrary and probably doesn't really make sense when you think about it compared with other positions, but it's something I grew up with and I liked it. This is probably the only discussion on this board where I am unnecessarily traditionalist. The 90s and early 2000s when modern WRs grew up were a golden era of legendary WRs and all bar Larry Fitzgerald wore numbers in the 80s. Does nobody wear a number because of their childhood favourite player anymore?
  4. I think he has a point. I don't even really like WRs wearing numbers in the teens.
  5. I think there is great potential here but I also see the NBA city jerseys as a really positive thing overall, even if there are plenty of bad jerseys that get produced under that banner. I know baseball is a MUCH more traditional sport, but I see this as a positive in that context as well. Teams with front offices who have bad rebrand ideas can now give those ideas a whirl in a low stakes one-season jersey and maintain their traditional look. There will absolutely be a few teams who release uniforms under this banner that are better than their regular looks.
  6. If they're not selling them anyway, using team uniforms is a great idea. The 1998 ASG has had a lot of airtime lately due to the Kobe v Jordan factor, and it's such a cool look. One team in white, one team in colour. Then to satisfy Nike they can sell a bunch of already made uniforms with an allstar patch for $20 more. Everybody wins.
  7. I love the alternate jerseys in the NBA because it means the team I support can have a wonderful long term identity that I can be proud of and also release a fresh and interesting jersey every year or two to keep things interesting visually. I don't want the Spurs to change their jerseys dramatically at all, but I love that I can now buy a fiesta jersey. I already have several classic home and road Spurs jerseys, something new is great. I know this forum is very conservative with teams wearing their classic looks and their classic looks only, but I feel like this is the best of both worlds. Think of alt uniforms as an outlet for teams to go a bit nuts with design so they aren't tempted to change a classic look to keep things interesting and sell some merchandise. I also like colour on colour matchups, which are probably the best outcome of the current uniform paradigm.
  8. The Spurs have knocked this out of the park. It was worth waiting years with the boring camo unis. Does that MINN jersey have stars on both side panels or just one?
  9. I think the championship banner jersey is a great concept for a franchise like Boston. I think OKC looks pretty good with the NASCAR style. It's a totally different aesthetic to the Braves jerseys. I'll need to see Miami's on court, but I don't mind it. If it looks dull it'll look garbage. A design like that really needs to be bright. It'll probably be popular as a replica.
  10. The Spurs home and roads are a classic look that shouldn't be messed with, but this fiesta uniform is the best they've ever looked.
  11. I'm guessing Milk Mommies was quietly dropped after the Washington Football Team tapped them on the shoulder and paid them an undisclosed sum.
  12. The Sydney Opera House is a publicly owned building, but for some reason the government have allowed the Opera House trust responsible for the running of the building to enforce this licencing issue, which is just garbage. The Opera House is arguably Australia's most famous monument. It certainly is for Sydney. I completely disagree with how this has been handled, and it's not only the Swans. A few other Sydney based sports teams, like the NRL Sydney Roosters and A-League Sydney FC have had the same issue. I don't really mind the Swan, but it's a big downgrade. The aesthetic has gone from upmarket and timeless to bush league. The overall style has totally changed and it doesn't have the same feeling of history and class. @Gothamite shared my exact feelings about the choice to use just a head. To get it to read as a swan they've had to include a pronounced face ballsack when just showing the neck would have done that in a much better way.
  13. I thought the same thing about the back, but I think the side stripes on the shorts will give it enough from behind. I definitely think being conservative with the amount of fiesta colours on the uniform as a whole was a smart move.
  14. What is head and shoulders above this on the all time worst jersey list? I absolutely hate it. I can usually make a case for just about anything, but not this. There are plenty of awful jerseys but this is definitely in the conversation.
  15. Jesus Christ the Knicks. What the hell were they thinking? Worst NBA Jersey ever?
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