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  1. It's a difficult issue, because pewter is a great helmet colour, and I think it's difficult to get a set working which is heavy on red and pewter but with a white helmet. You'd need the home set to have white pants, at the very least to make it work.
  2. This might be unpopular but I have no idea why you'd go back to the creamsicle colours when pewter and red with orange in the trim is one of the best colour combinations in the league. The Bucs current unis are littered with mistakes, but the colours are not one of them. Save the creamsicle set for throwbacks. It'd get tired very quickly if used week in week out, IMO.
  3. I love the oversized flag personally. Gives a good splash of red on the helmet and serves as window dressing to the skull and swords. I think it really works. It's my favourite part of those uniforms, not that that's a high bar
  4. They'd be silly to change the icon and association sets too much, they've got an excellent look. The logo could do with a refresh I guess, but I wouldn't touch the uniforms
  5. I actually felt the opposite watching those highlights. The white numbers on a gold jersey isn't good, and I prefer the brighter yellow. I'd be 100% for the Lakers being allowed to bring back the Mamba jerseys for the rest of the season at the very least. Makes so much sense.
  6. I think this is way too far. I think it's silly that Dallas did it really, it's like how the Heat retired 23 because of Jordan for some reason. Kobe is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in the history of the NBA, and is certainly transcends basketball as a sporting legend and cultural icon. But a leaguewide retirement is an enormous thing that can't be undone. Do we then retire jerseys leaguewide for Jordan? LeBron? Shaq? Magic? Bird? Kareem? Wilt? Where does it end? A leaguewide retirement should be reserved for a Gretzky-like level of dominance, which we'll likely never see again in any major sport.
  7. Ah thank you, I didn't see that option on mobile earlier. Much appreciated. Unfortunately it's fairly cost prohibative. To buy a Nike NBA jersey off of the shelf in Australia is AUD$100, this would cost me AUD$242 shipped with shipping and taxes. I like it but not quite that much.
  8. The Jazz team store doesn't ship to Australia unfortunately, or at least it won't let me advance through the checkout process. NBA Store and Fanatics are both out of stock.
  9. This might not really be the appropriate thread, but are the Classic editions supposed to be a bit of a limited edition jersey for retail purposes? I thought i'd spend some Xmas money on a Donovan Mitchell Classic jersey. I thought i'd be able to get shipped to Australia fairly easily, but it just seems to be sold out absolutely everywhere. I know it's not the most common jersey around but the NBA is one of the biggest merchandise leagues in the world and we're less than half way through the season.
  10. The idea of a fiesta uniform is wildly popular with Spurs fans. A cursory glance through the comment thread of any social media post that features the fiesta colors will confirm that, and to say otherwise is being wilfully ignorant. They will, almost certainly, release a fiesta uniform at some point in the next few years, and unless they totally botch it it will fly off the shelves.
  11. I totally disagree that the Nets are limited to their catchment area. This is the NBA, it's the most popular sports league in the world. No major sports team is limited to fans within it's geographical identifier. NBA teams are marketing to the entire world. The entire world is tuning in and watching games. The entire world is buying jerseys. You're right that the Nets can never really take over from the Knicks long term in the New York area. Even as the Knicks are bad and unpopular, there's a huge latent fanbase there who will reignite if the team is ever good again. But they aren't trying to be New York's second team, they're trying to do their own thing. If they win a championship or two with KD and Kyrie, watch how popular they suddenly become and they have a chance to really entrench themselves. They won't compete with the Knicks in terms of New York fanbase, but they might compete with them globally if the Knicks continue to be irrelevant.
  12. As someone who doesn't live in the US, Brooklyn is a far more recognisable and marketable place name than half of the existing NBA teams. I don't think they've lost anything by not going with New York. New York belongs to the Knicks and trying to compete on that battlefield would have been a mistake IMO. I think Brooklyn suited the theme they were going for, which is urban, hip-hop, streetwise. They knew they couldn't compete with the Knicks, so they went in a totally different direction and they've stuck to that direction really well, right up to the Bed-Stuy jerseys this season. Compare them to the Clippers, who also have to share a city with a juggernaut established brand with a huge fanbase. The Clippers have just gone super generic with everything, where as the Nets have carved their own path, and going with Brooklyn ahead of New York was a big part of that IMO.
  13. I think the Nets continue to do really well in positioning themselves as Brooklyn's team, which they've done since the move. It doesn't matter if the wider world doesn't know what Bed-Stuy means, it's not for them.
  14. While I hate these as well, your point that camo uniforms always suck is 100% correct. And 3 years in a row, come on Spurs! Military imagery is absolutely full of cool design elements, patterns, fabrics and colours. Camo isn't one of them. Surely everyone who wanted a camo Spurs jersey bought one 2 years ago. Give us the fiesta colours (as the trim on a black jersey).