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  1. Overall it's a nice modern refresh. It's a little generic but the colours are really nice. I think both the green and white sets are really good, as is Green/white/white. I don't love the black set, I think it's totally unnecessary.
  2. These are fine but they just feel so generic, like something out of the fictional teams thread. I like the shade of green, but while I don't always hate BFBS, I don't like the all black uniforms at all.
  3. If they go for a bright and bold kelly green with a black and white trim, that's a pretty good colour combo. I get that it's BFBS and it's not really the Jets as we've known them, but it still might be a good design depending on the colour balance. I'm not ready to lose my mind just because there's some black on these uniforms.
  4. I love this jersey and i'd buy a modern one in a second. The Spurs have a strong base set but by god they are bad at alts. The camo military city ones are boring, and the silver alt is really poor.
  5. I picked the Dolphins in 1994 because Dan Marino was in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and he was such a great player. And while I have no real problems with the way the Dolphins choose to brand themselves in 2019, sometimes i'd love to support a team that wears something other than Aqua. I love the Bears identity and I think Bears are a cool animal.
  6. The uniforms and wordmark are garbage but I like the slashing bear logo, and overall the logo package is pretty good.
  7. This might be one for the unpopular opinions thread but I prefer the way modern uniforms cut off the Colts' stripes than the older style. The UCLA ones posted above still cut off at an arbitrary spot, but the Colts' cut off keeps the stripes bold and not crinkled up at the bottom, as well as flowing better with the uniform overall.
  8. You'd only ever reference the slight blue tint if you were directly comparing the Cowboys helmets against another silver helmet in a close up. It's a silver helmet.
  9. I love the outside the box thinking, but how does a single number work here?
  10. If the home and road sets are really nice, I could live with a black alt.
  11. Money. If you have the same design forever, there is no reason for someone who bought a jersey 5 years ago to update. Release new jerseys every few years and you sell a lot more. For big teams, it's about keeping the balance between keeping things fresh and keeping the merch wheel turning and staying true to tradition. The extra hype in the lead up to a release is just marketing to sell more.
  12. I like the current brighter shade of yellow on the Lakers uniforms. The gold was nice but the yellow provides a really nice bright contrast and I love the look, they're my favourite Lakers uniforms. Clean, bright, well balanced, good contrast.
  13. It's purely an aesthetic thing really. Patriots fans will always look back fondly on these uniforms but in 50 years, when only older fans will have hazy memories of the Brady/Belichick era, they'll probably wear them as throwbacks and they'll be appreciated as a historic uniform that was a product of it's time. Nobody will be calling for them to come back as a primary because they look like garbage, much like the Steelers bumblebee throwbacks. The Dolphins throwbacks are so popular because they look amazing. They're also heavy on character, which contrasts against the current identity which is regularly accused of lacking character. The "toothpaste" dolphin etc. I don't fault the designers at all for this though, because as you've said the brief was "not silly", which is difficult when you consider you're designing a brightly coloured costume with animal logos for grown adults to play a game. I think the sleek modern identity we ended up with is a really good result, but it'll never resonate like the 66 throwbacks (unless we start winning a lot).
  14. The Dolphins are different because the throwbacks are timeless classics. If the Patriots hadn't won so much in the Brady era, they'd have changed these uniforms a while back IMO because they're objectively bad.