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  1. While I hate these as well, your point that camo uniforms always suck is 100% correct. And 3 years in a row, come on Spurs! Military imagery is absolutely full of cool design elements, patterns, fabrics and colours. Camo isn't one of them. Surely everyone who wanted a camo Spurs jersey bought one 2 years ago. Give us the fiesta colours (as the trim on a black jersey).
  2. Veterans Day, so you'd assume the Spurs are going to do another Camo uniform. Not neccessarily bad, but so, so boring when the fanbase is crying out for a fiesta color uni.
  3. Mismatched jerseys and shorts makes it look like a pickup game. Not even bush league.
  4. Close up shots of Australia's unforms. These are just okay, but they're way better than Peak Sportswear's previous efforts. I was hoping Basketball Australia might attract a better quality apparel sponsor with lots of players currently in the NBA, but it's not to be.
  5. The Spurs association and icon are basically untouchable and should remain as they are, but could we please, please do something a bit more interesting than what we've done so far under Nike for the city and statement? The grey alternate is so tired and the Military jersey is great but it's not for everyone. While i'd be fully supportive of a uniform that subtly used the fiesta colours (a black or white base with the fiesta colours as a trim), it doesn't even have to be that. It doesn't even have to be garish. Is a "San Antonio" wordmark such a big ask?
  6. Wait didn't LeBron give up 23 for Davis? Why did LeBron change then? Was it just to make 50,000,000 jerseys obsolete or what?
  7. While I don't necessarily disagree, it's pretty difficult for the Spurs to go wrong with an arched wordmark in black white and silver. I don't see any reason to change the traditional home and roads at any point in the foreseeable future, but the grey alternate is really, really tired and average at best to begin with, and the military inspired city jersey is fine if that's your thing, but camo isn't really for me. I know the Spurs franchise-wide philopsophy is about getting the fundamentals right, but I think it's a bit of a missed opportunity. I saw the introduction of the statement and city jerseys as a great opportunity for the Spurs to have a bit of fun with alternates, but they've resisted hard at this point. I'd even take something as simple as a Gervin era throwback with the big full San Antonio wordmark.
  8. I agree that 75 is a lot of changes but you have to remember that some of us are Spurs fans and we've been begging for a more interesting change to the city and statement uniforms since they were released.
  9. They're non-offensive and that's about all there is to say about them. Certainly not bad but hardly worth the bother.
  10. Certainly buying a fitted New Era cap online is a crapshoot. If i'm buying one in store i'll usually try on every one of the 7-3/8s they have on the shelf to see which one fits best.
  11. Those are just gorgeous. The calls for the Dolphins to move to them full time are going to get even louder now that there is a full home and road set to look at.
  12. What are you trying to achieve though, as the Pistons? If it's just to have the (subjectively) coolest logo, that's fine. But for an old, storied franchise like the Pistons, nostalgia and a classic look is so much more engaging for fans. Sports branding isn't about gaining new fans, you do that by winning and having marketable players. Sports branding is about engaging your fanbase and getting them to care enough to part with their money. Because of that, the target market doesn't really include people who don't know about the historical significance.
  13. While the Bulls, Heat and Blazers are all red/black teams, I don't feel like they step on each other's toes at all. They all have really well established, distinctive looks.
  14. I think you've torpedoed your own topic with the use of hipster in the definition, but generally you're asking are more modern, stylised logos designed to be bolder and used effectively in a variety of mediums better than old logos? I think the answer is almost always yes, but there are lots of times where a modern logo is poorly design, or an good old logo has a lot of nostalgia attached to it. You can't have a binary choice when modern logos might be instant classics, like the Texans logo, or poorly realised for various reasons like the Dolphins logo.
  15. Utah Jazz is a pretty odd name, and certainly if they'd moved in 2019 instead of 1979, they'd probably have changed the identity to fit their new location. But we're 40 years down the road and Utah Jazz is a household name in world sports and they've got a lot of history behind it. The basketball J note logo is iconic. They'd be mad to change up that level of entrenched identity because it's an odd fit. Not a lot different to the Lakers really.
  16. Overall it's a nice modern refresh. It's a little generic but the colours are really nice. I think both the green and white sets are really good, as is Green/white/white. I don't love the black set, I think it's totally unnecessary.
  17. These are fine but they just feel so generic, like something out of the fictional teams thread. I like the shade of green, but while I don't always hate BFBS, I don't like the all black uniforms at all.
  18. If they go for a bright and bold kelly green with a black and white trim, that's a pretty good colour combo. I get that it's BFBS and it's not really the Jets as we've known them, but it still might be a good design depending on the colour balance. I'm not ready to lose my mind just because there's some black on these uniforms.
  19. I love this jersey and i'd buy a modern one in a second. The Spurs have a strong base set but by god they are bad at alts. The camo military city ones are boring, and the silver alt is really poor.
  20. I picked the Dolphins in 1994 because Dan Marino was in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and he was such a great player. And while I have no real problems with the way the Dolphins choose to brand themselves in 2019, sometimes i'd love to support a team that wears something other than Aqua. I love the Bears identity and I think Bears are a cool animal.
  21. The uniforms and wordmark are garbage but I like the slashing bear logo, and overall the logo package is pretty good.
  22. This might be one for the unpopular opinions thread but I prefer the way modern uniforms cut off the Colts' stripes than the older style. The UCLA ones posted above still cut off at an arbitrary spot, but the Colts' cut off keeps the stripes bold and not crinkled up at the bottom, as well as flowing better with the uniform overall.
  23. You'd only ever reference the slight blue tint if you were directly comparing the Cowboys helmets against another silver helmet in a close up. It's a silver helmet.
  24. I love the outside the box thinking, but how does a single number work here?
  25. If the home and road sets are really nice, I could live with a black alt.