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  1. RT @VICE: Citizens of: • Fort Dick, California • Hooker, Oklahoma • Bohners Lake, Wisconsin • Climax, Michigan • French Lick, Indiana • Big…

  2. RT @FieldYates: The NFL draft is one month from tonight. As things currently stand: * Most overall picks: Packers (12) * Fewest picks: Eag…

  3. https://t.co/UIn0zLMRsQ

  4. RT @MurderBryan: THIS IS WHY PEOPLE USE HEROIN. https://t.co/uPF5ZNwtER

  5. RT @DustyEvely: Brett Favre's arm was made out of a dozen arms, stitched together into a super-arm. https://t.co/HaOTxoG3Ly

  6. RT @ReissEdition: I'm still laughing at the fact that Damarious Randall was our best corner and possibly also safety and we traded him for…

  7. :censored:ing Ricky Bobby IRL https://t.co/maQt2oe8t7

  8. *Glenn Ward voice* Who’s “wisely”??? https://t.co/EAGvMItNbW

  9. RT @YG: PRAY 4 ROZAY.

  10. “HITLER WAS A LIBERAL” https://t.co/lQSsGha2Yt

  11. @joshua_doherty @PopTartsUS @timanderson87 sandwich within a sandwich? Is this akin to a cheeseburger with grilled cheeses as buns?

  12. RT @VicBergerIV: His tweets are more enjoyable presented like this https://t.co/3UYNm7hpTJ

  13. RT @PardonMyTake: Bubba Wallace knows Nascar has a need for speed https://t.co/XEpPKdhh1Q

  14. RT @KyleKulinski: https://t.co/i5yq9yq9uU

  15. Lord have mercy https://t.co/5Pnpt52pkz

  16. RT @metapredict: Anyone see an issue with priorities? https://t.co/xwSDaaMcxe

  17. I thought the super bowl logos looked much better as well. For as disappointing as the design itself was, I thought it’s quality was superior to last year
  18. RT @kenklippenstein: Should’ve been a responsible adult and invested exclusively in Bitcoin

  19. I think it would be really cool if they changed it to a throwback Thursday theme and the uniforms actually resembled the originals in ways other than just design, like how MLB players will wear the ultra baggy pants when the throwbacks are worn. I would love to see Nike create a throwback series of jerseys that are actually cut like the originals using the current fabrics, rather than craming old designs onto these newer minimalist templates
  20. RT @YourAnonNews: Close your eyes. Everything is ok. https://t.co/c3wCjmfAqx

  21. BROWNS GON’ BROWN https://t.co/UKOnZYNbmo

  22. RT @mackinprof: Tom Brady comes up with some real doozies in terms of explaining why his diet 'works'. As Mike Joyner said: The... https://…

  23. RT @JordanUhl: "Armageddon is looking pretty good" https://t.co/B0CJ2pNgQn

  24. Eagles Endzone: https://imgur.com/axQxYcK
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