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  1. RT @stoolpresidente: Have you been asleep for the past 20 years? https://t.co/P7M4AQludS

  2. from the Star Tribune article: “Also gone, at least temporarily, is the Vikings Norseman insignia at midfield, to make room for the Super Bowl logo.” What’re the chances that they’re moving the Super Bowl logo back to midfield instead of having it on either side of the NFL shield???
  3. RT @BKSportsTalk: Wow. I can't believe so many broadcast companies are interested in a dying league. https://t.co/rJ1vtTZPGz

  4. RT @Zbales23: @stoolsalesguy If Bortles makes it to the AFC Championship I will feed my left nut to a goat

  5. L O L https://t.co/kyU9sfPv0T

  6. RT @JuMosq: Other than one pass when Calvin Ridley swooped in like a pterodactyl, Nick Saban just won a national championship with his B te…

  7. In response to this article, the Patriots will either curbstomp their way to another Super Bowl title or get bounce… https://t.co/DZ5G2NsYTE

  8. RT @EBrooksUncut: Last 24 hours: -Clinched a top 15 draft pick -Fired Dom Capers -Ted Thompson stepping down. I don’t think I’ve been thi…

  9. RT @pdxlawgrrrl: Police shot and killed an innocent 28-year-old Kansas man, after two Call of Duty players fraudulently called a SWAT team…

  10. RT @DanAmira: Very thankful that a strong leader like Trump was able to kill most of ISIS before he even became president https://t.co/x7ZO…

  11. RT @PFTCommenter: Plus U get ur name on that jersey of QBs that didnt pan out which is worth thousends of social media impressions. it’s es…

  12. RT @cushbomb: It’s :censored:ing bull :censored: that Trump legalized saying Merry Christmas without also pardoning all the people currently in jail for…

  13. RT @barstoolsports: “Wow what an exciting day of football. I can’t think of a better ending to my day than by feverishly masturbating and l…

  14. This Eminem album is so goddamn frustrating. There’s parts where he raps like classic Eminem but there’s also parts… https://t.co/gOb0hft3JD

  15. RT @AlexGelhar: Waiting for Aaron Rodgers scan results like ... https://t.co/amNKjLBkrE

  16. RT @mtracey: Only in a society that is mindlessly worshipful of state authority could you commit an act as villainous as this *on video* an…

  17. RT @KyleKulinski: Remember this lmao https://t.co/uTi2P8wuTY

  18. RT @PFTCommenter: On the RV 2 buffalo. Trying 2 convince team to stop by the MD 2020 distellery. Woud be like drinking Guiness in Ireland o…

  19. RT @PardonMyTake: ???? https://t.co/I2dmmzreQk

  20. RT @JuMosq: Need a college program to take Mike McCarthy off of Green Bay's hands ASAP

  21. RT @timanderson87: White meat. Dark meat. Hot takes. All will be served. Thanksgiving. https://t.co/TaCVVYN2sb

  22. RT @BarstoolBigCat: TFW Alex Smith saves your job for at least another week https://t.co/lLlOvcDrrM

  23. RT @flubby: “Take a Knee, My Ass (He Scream at Own Ass)” https://t.co/3J5K5FldZK

  24. I️ can feel the remains of my brain sloshing around in my skull after listening to a few of these currently popular rap songs

  25. JAMAICA, JAAAMAAAIICAAA https://t.co/JgaLrCMqHh

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