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  1. Maybe a basketball shape around the bear paw would be in order..?? Any other color variations as it looks a little similar to the Indiana Pacers colors? But, overall I like your start & it is a lot better than what they have at the moment. Good simple clean logo!
  2. Get rid of the jersey striping, then it'll be perfect. Personally, I don't like the striping.
  3. Great nicknames guys! If anybody has anymore suggestions, please post.
  4. The URL is going to have 2 Canadian teams in the league. Those two cities are Toronto & Vancouver. I was originally going to go with four Canadian teams: Toronto Vancouver Ottawa (If you'd like to still suggest for future considerations, go ahead!) Calgary (If you'd like to still suggest for future considerations, go ahead!) But, I decided to wait on Ottawa & Calgary for the moment. They could be alternates at some point down the line but I thought Toronto & Vancouver would be the more logical choices to go with for right now. Does anybody have any good nicknames for either city here? WESTERN CONFERENCE: Vancouver EASTERN CONFERENCE: Toronto
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everybody! We've got some really good ones here. Keep them coming!!
  6. Hey everybody! If you have any suggestions as to team nicknames, please feel free to leave them here!! This is just the start, I will have more cities coming soon!!!! Logos to follow soon as well! Thanks all. WESTERN CONFERENCE: Portland San Jose Las Vegas EASTERN CONFERENCE: Baltimore New Jersey Indiana Natives (Already Picked)