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  1. {books} Robert Bringhurst — Palatino: The Natural History of a Typeface, edition of 300, signed/numbered. Preorder https://t.co/yHtYEFAkiI


  3. RT @GeorgieLouise: #signswithstories https://t.co/dpBdNYjm3G

  4. @joncontino Any suggestions for a quality screenprinter in NYC for @dwiskus ... tweet or chat at #b3s

  5. @gruber Hi. Got your email, M's package going out today, btw.

  6. @jch02140 Johney, email me at beejaybot@gmail.com and include your contact info.

  7. RT @studiogestalt: “Inside Paragraphs” by TypeThursday https://t.co/PEZmJ9Khh3

  8. RT @12_FPS: Get ready for a jolt of inspiration. Nearly 4,000 pages of Paul Klee's notebooks, digitized: https://t.co/uX8TOJXLZf https://t.…

  9. RT @FontShop: Further explorations of (typographic) space with @BaldCondensed. This episode: Kerning. ➸ https://t.co/Dc6QGBejCF https://t.c…

  10. RT @itfoundry: Interview: Diana Ovezea on her recent collaboration with ITF: https://t.co/qoyzU7eY4i via @TypographyGuru https://t.co/DAhA…

  11. RT @designtaxi: The stunning UI screen graphics of Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ https://t.co/kt3TkDffsB https://t.co/CjrwFy53rf

  12. {Type Design} Type Journal • The Trajan letter in Russia and America https://t.co/b92FRgFbEW

  13. RT @HoeflerCo: On our blog, a four-minute film about Operator and the designers behind it. https://t.co/RdoxlHtEPc https://t.co/GLI6HbDMNi

  14. @markjmessmer No need to send it back. Share it with someone you know. Donate it. One guy turned his DF shirt into a laptop cover. :)

  15. {Best of 2012} is coming March 25, mark it down. About halfway done. So many Custom Letter pieces in 2012.

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