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  1. Vanishing Boy is perfect, thanks! What do you mean by royalty-free vector alphabet? Like the font doesn't exist as a ttf file and is just a vector image?
  2. This one is frustrating me because the font clearly has a name, but all I've found are shutterstock or other vector images like this, not an actual font file. Anyone know where I can find this font or a similar one? It's exactly what I'm looking for for my Christmas card this year
  3. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are playing as the Iron Pugs for one night
  4. New uniforms for W&M as they switch from Nike to UA
  5. I'm biased because they're my hometown team, but I think one example Brandiose nailed are the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. It's a weird, made up name, but the area was a huge steel town, so it has some basis in local roots. Fans pretty much like the name, but they still sell merch nationwide pretty consistently (The bacon hats sold in all 50 states in no time). Strikes the right balance between being a fun name while still making some sense.
  6. Nobody from the area would call it Lehigh, since that's the name of a college in the area, they probably also would use the college's football stadium to play at, which would make it even worse. I get the Las Vegas/LV thing, but I doubt it'd be that confusing, considering they're thousands of miles apart and I have to imagine Vegas would have some sort of casino branding. Name wise, the area is pretty historic, being founded in the 1700s, and also used to be a major steel town (Hence names like the Iron Pigs, Steelhawks, and Bethlehem Steel). Obviously you don't want to copy the Steelers, but something iron or steel themed would work pretty well. It's a valley, so there's also a fair amount of mountains/rivers in the area (Hence Steelhawks or Lehigh University Mountain Hawks). Along those lines, something like Ironmen, Steel, Hammers, Forge, etc could work, though some of those are pretty abstract/collective nouns. Mountain Lions, Groundhogs, Beavers, etc could play off the nature. Stars could also work, if you make it the Moravian Star )
  7. In the Beta league, you have a team in Allentown. Being from that area, it'd make more sense to brand it as 'Lehigh Valley,' as it's basically 3 towns of similar population all up against each other. It's what most of the minor league teams here do (Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, LV Phantoms, LV Steelhawks, LV United), with the exception being a soccer team with a name that has 100+ years of history (Bethlehem Steel FC)
  8. Kinda surprised they rebranded so quickly, their old logo was only like 10 years old.
  9. The white on the S in the primary seems a little out of place, since there's no white in any other logo.
  10. Looks solid, though a little odd to have the word black written in gold on the jersey. Not really sure how that can be avoided on a black jersey, that said, might be more of a symptom of the team's odd name than your design. I know it's currently white on their real jerseys
  11. Nice concepts so far. Also, big fan of using the Schiano kickoff rule.
  12. Yeah, I agree. It may look more photo realistic, but that doesn't make it the best logo wise, IMO.
  13. I think the neck/face, especially around the cheek, make the horse look kinda fat. Other than that I like it a lot
  14. Pretty sure the Arizona Pricks logo was created as a parody, like it's not a real team
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