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  1. /makes for amazing TV though

  2. Fred VanVleet is crazy good, hoping Wichita wins this one

  3. First frisbee tournament today!

  4. RT @williamandmary: Go Tribe! MT @TribeAthletics: RECORD BREAKER #MT2K - Marcus Thornton tops the oldest NCAA Division I scoring record! ht…

  5. RT @FlatHatSports: In a crucial NFL Combine event, Tre McBride (@Uno_Dos_Tre3) ran the 40yd dash in 4.41sec. That's slightly faster than Al…

  6. The weather just went from 0 to 100 real fast

  7. Ohio State looked good today, but I think Oregon takes the championship

  8. Love seeing Linemen get TDs.

  9. Rahim seals the victory!

  10. Chris Harris Jr is finally getting the respect he deserves. Glad to hear the announcers acknowledge that's he's been the top CB in the NFL

  11. CJ Anderson is going off