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  1. The Gophers did the exact same thing before their unveil. Had me hooked throughout the whole process...genius. Not sure I'd be willing to tweet / check-in enough times to unlock the content, but thanks to the guys who are doing it!
  2. I'm not really liking what I've seen so far, but if nothing else, this picture shows definitively that they are using dark filters. Look at the red on the NFL logo - it's halfway to maroon. The NFL logo was pulled from somewhere else...this is a composite of the leaked close-ups, so whoever cut them together added the NFL logo.
  3. Has anyone unlocked clue #3? Are we on week 2 now?
  4. I posted these in Concepts earlier...my take on the shoulder stripe idea. I could see them turning out like this, with a matte helmet and either purple/grey/black face mask. HOME http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46353104992 AWAY http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46352772446 HOME ALT http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46352819272 AWAY ALT http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46352861326
  5. Good points here. The face mask was intended to be grey, but I agree that it should probably appear elsewhere if it's going to be a new uniform color. The fact that it's not anywhere in the new logo is a decent indicator that we won't see grey pants. As for the Packers sleeves...I see the similarities, but these are intended to lay over the shoulders, as opposed to the Packers sleeve stripes that go horizontally and touch the end of the sleeve. I think it would be cool if the Vikings, Bears and Packers all had a sharp traditional look, would make for some good looking "black and blue" games.
  6. Gotta admit...I was really liking the grey. I figured if the Giants and Seahawks can pull it off (and who knows what the Jags / Dolphins will try to pull off this year), MN could pull it off. But...I see the difference between blue on grey vs. purple on grey. Either way...I think you'd get used to it. Purple/White with purple face mask is a great look too - http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46356906259
  7. HOME http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46352731226 AWAY http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46352772446 HOME ALT http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46352819272 HOME ALT http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46353104992 AWAY ALT http://vsg187.tumblr.com/image/46352861326 Not sure how to put images within the post...sorry. I'm hoping this is the direction they go with the redesign. A new take on an old look. Darker purple, and the gold matches the gold of the new logo. I've got a few different looks here, but I think the Purple/Grey would make a great home set, and White/Purple would be great for the away set. Any thoughts? We haven't seen or heard much about this redesign in a while, thought I'd share my take on the new look.
  8. I would think soon, but not this season. The best evidence that they're making some sort of change this year is the Greg Jennings jersey Facebook post. If they were sticking with the current look, Jennings jerseys would already be in stores / available online, like they are for other free agents (http://www.nflshop.com/product/index.jsp?productId=20253636&origkw=harvin&sr=1&kw=harvin&parentPage=search) The fact that it won't ship until April further suggests this. Of course I could be wrong but...signs point to an update.
  9. It's a great enhancement, but it all depends on how they use it, right? How do they take advantage of the shorter profile on jerseys / merch (we all know Nike is a big fan of practical logo dimensions), how does this new yellow effect the overall color scheme of the new uniforms, etc. Hopefully minimal yellow in these new uniforms.