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  1. I just wanted to double back to this topic and point out how great our industry is. The Original Author of this points to two "industry big boys" and both of them personally post their innocence / condolences .
  2. Matt Millen calling games on the B1G network. As a resident of SE Michigan who remembers him as the most incompetent team president in the history of the NFL, I instantly mute him when I switch one of his games on. How can a man, who so obviously knows absolutely nothing about talent evaluation, offer anything of value to a broadcast.
  3. I couldn't view them either, but I'm sure they'd be perfect to fashion a noose out of once the Leafs disappoint again.
  4. Way to design a package with a big beautiful illustration of a lady and a dragon (I assume) and then place a sticker over both their faces. Nice look overall tho, and reassuring for all the blue hairs out there (this is still your same tea granma)
  5. I would imagine it's not about compensation so much as an admittance of guilt. I think anyone who frets and tweaks vector points thru numbing iterations of minutia can understand and recognize the impossible coincidence of these same points appearing on another design. They (whoever they are) stole your design, and got paid (or credit at work) for your effort and I'm sure it's frustrating that they seemed to get away with it. At least you got in touch with the ACC, maybe they'll reach out to you next time the want one of your designs. That is what they got in 2015 after all.
  6. Their current logo is garbage. They need to adopt your identity immediately!
  7. I've never heard of the "Motre Bame" logo but that's pretty damn funny. I'ma use it to impress my Wiscy in-laws with the Brew Crew K-nowledge.
  8. Far as Michigan / Michigan State goes, there's been years when Notre Dame was good and Sparty was a distant third on the UofM rivalry scale. We would play ND first, OSU last and Sparty would seem like just another week in the middle of things.
  9. The highlights look fine. I think what needs work is the teeth. They kind of look like a sawblade, how they just sit on a straight jaw line. I'd try using one, sloping curve to transition from the front tip of each tooth to the back of the next tooth. You might also want a poon-hair's more room between the top of the head and the badge shape. I'd say get rid of the ball-O, but we're talking 'bout the NBA here, so it's perfect.
  10. AT&TV is a pretty great idea. Hopefully it would differentiate the formerly DirectTV service from their Uverse which, in my experience, sucks.
  11. I agree with Bronco Boy. To me, it looks like a Nets/Isles mash-up jersey. Maybe just elevate that logo you have on the breezers to the jersey. If you arch it, you could still have your front numbers. Good look overall tho, the rest is a definite upgrade.
  12. Kind of sad they stole your base design, but executed it in a much more lame and generic manner. Looking back at that, I should prolly replace "sad" with "makes sense that." I do really like the way your banner meets the basketball, really integrates those shapes together. Good work by you. Division I championship work, evidently.
  13. I'm just glad someone is recognizing that Penn State does not, in fact, have god's gift to uniforms. I always see them in "best dressed" lists and to me, their uniforms look generic. Like if someone just asked for the default from their uni supplier. Or the FBS schools in EA's NCAA games. At least Alabama has numbers on helmets and names on jerseys.
  14. I got 'ya. I just don't normally associate "friendly" or "welcoming" with Buckeyes' attitudes toward us "scUM" fans. That said, anyone who quotes Paul Lukas is okay in my book and if I ever make it back down to Columbus, I hope to meet more fans like yourself. I'm not holding my breath tho.
  15. Along the same lines as Maryland, I always thought Vancouver's look in the 90's was unique but cool.