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  1. Meio estranho dar RT no SportLogos, mas... Acontece. Na espera pelo primeiro trabalho!
  2. PLAY BOLD !! PLAY BOLD !!!!! Eu não sei o resto da letra... Enffim.. #EeSalaCupNamde #PlayBold https://t.co/ub6aXkO8nh

  3. AND THE FIRST POST AFTER A OAKLAND ATHLETICS TEASER IS .............................................................................. a second division Italian soccer team. Yay ! Hello everyone. My english is not in its top form today, and I have 0 energy to google a decent translation, so... here : Ok, maybe I still have a bit of energy.. Translation from original post in Portuguese : -"There it is : Not too far from the traditional Crociatti uniform, perhaps the most different things are the addition of stripes on the socks - arranged in a pattern similar to that of the crest, and the small striped "tags" on the cuffs, a nod to the famous 1990 shirt. This said, on that night of indecisive weather and the calm and soothing sound of Slayer [...]" [...] Vlw, FLW !!!
  4. TARDE, POVO! Post novo no blog, e dessa vez é do Parma ! Comentários, elogios, oferendas e ofertas de emprego... https://t.co/oPtJCNL8ng

  5. Fantastic work, the crests are great, and the kits are all perfect. The Reims away shirt is probably the most beatiful jersey i have seen in my entire life, with Olympique away as a close second. I'm glad I've found this thread today, and I'll be anxiously awaiting for new updates. ( Any mistakes in grammar/orthography are of full responsability of Google, the Brazilian Public Education System, and the fact that I am a lazy bastard )
  6. Back to "normal" sports.. Em breve..... ( This is a teaser, BTW... I don't think I know how to make this.... ) PS : My phone is the technological equivalent of a under developed potato so.... yeah..... And NO, I will not translate that sentence. That's it for today.. Vlw, FLW !
  7. HELLO EVERYONE !!!! I'm back !!! Yeah, I know... Work as Designer can REALLY make one tired of designing stuff, and that is why I only write once in every Ashes series or so. Yet, here is the kit / uniform / concept / file / I don't know how to call it : AUSTRALIANS : if there is ANYTHING wrong, such as logos, etc., Please let me know. The idea heere was pretty basic : It is called Victoria, it has a tradition of using the V as an important part of the design.. yeah.... Original post ( portuguese ) : https://kochaksports.wordpress.com/2017/12/28/victorian-bushrangers/ That's it for today. VLW, FLW !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. SAUDAÇÕES PR'OCÊS, Segue novo post... Victorian Bushrangers, clube australiano de cricket, no Kochak Sports. https://t.co/8igj3DklzF

  9. GO PACK GO !!! https://t.co/2Terh5BDe9

  10. The Who.... Tem futuro essa piazada, tocam pra caramba... #RockInRio

  11. Euron : Matou não só uma, como DUAS Cobras, e mostrou o pau que Theon não tem... CORREÇÂO : Eu escrevi Reek errado, foi mal #GameOfThrones

  12. YORKSHIRE CCC - CRICKET Hello everyone.. New entry, new sport. After MORE THAN 1 YEAR left in the dark, desperate and alone, this thread will be updated "constantly" this year.... Once in every 3 months, if everything work... Well.. Here are the kits ( and also a link to the original post - in portuguese : https://kochaksports.wordpress.com/2017/03/10/yorkshire-ccc/ ) COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP : ONE-DAY T20 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all for today... Vlw, FLW !!!!
  13. @PretoFascista Alguém falou alguma coisa sobre o Inter querer melar o BRzão e os Colorado tão tudo louco. Ao menos foi o que eu entendi.

  14. Eu vi dois pés no campo...Mesmo míope, vi demais.. #TNF

  15. Seguem kits. Variação da camisa Home com as listras acompanhando o traçado da camisa. Por hoje é só !! Vlw, FLW... https://t.co/pjKgS2qNlR

  16. JESUS - Último Fôlego https://t.co/9I7eqVc3Ng

  17. @TeatroBonecos Caiu, Briggs

  18. Please help support Guardian Saints FA, add a #Twibbon now! https://t.co/BgIMX79BGh

  19. Please help support Guardian Saints FA, add a #Twibbon now! https://t.co/BgIMX79BGh

  20. Eu vejo ratinhos ... De terno e gravata, de vermelho e de azul, da câmara, nas câmeras, do Senado e sem sentido.... https://t.co/1fbgSCuz1Y

  21. https://t.co/HZYMYOeJDT

  22. Coisa nova !!!!!!!!!! No forum do Sportslogos ( by Kochak Sports ) https://t.co/KKhLjmvCub

  23. https://t.co/ld5Aikx9fV

  24. Já está sendo um belo jogo, e ainda vai melhorar !! #SuperBowl50 Que pena que só volta daqui a 7 meses....

  25. Hello everyone ! It's been some time.. But, I'm finally trying to get back at ( on? in ? på ? I really can't use prepositions.. Sorry "by" my mistakes ;-) ) my "rhythm".. So.... Post some comments if you like the work you see.. And........................................................................ Well.. Have a good time ! ( PS :I'm using the "spoiler" tool, I don't know how to use it, but i'm using it anyway.. Hope it works the way I think it does. ) First, LEICESTER CITY : These kits were made for a Competition held by Federação dos Mockups, and also were the first concepts I completed in months.. Surprisingly, I won the Desafio. Link to the original post ( Portuguese ) : https://kochaksports.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/leicester-desafio/ And now, Atlético Paranaense, one of the main soccer teams of my city, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil ( Lovely place. No Carnaval here. Some nice cold days in Summer, too...Quite an amazing place, really. ) That's it for today. I really want to post more stuff here, as much as I want to fix the accent of my "Inner English voice"... And I will do both. Vlw, FLW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( PS : Yes, the "Spoiler" feature works just like I have imagined... )
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