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  1. Super Bowl XXXI and XLV, firstly I would like to see XLV. Great work, like it a lot.
  2. Here is your official pictures of Super Bowl LI logo ;
  3. Atesh

    EURO 2016 Kits

    Looking forward to Turkey designs. Good work.
  4. What kind of neck type is that ? I only see that type of neck on our players ( just Cobb & Jones ).
  5. All-Star logo on the Raptors jersey.
  6. Just don't fix the Bears, Packers and Raiders. Only 3 teams that doesn't need any kind of change on their jerseys.
  7. This beauties of Cavs', they started with the drafting of LeBron till he decided to took his talents to the South Beach.
  8. These are the best jerseys I've ever seen. Thank you for this amazing work
  9. Impressive start. Looking for more
  10. Pinstripes looks so much better with tweaking. Good work
  11. All of them are amazing. Slovenia is simply beauty.
  12. Australia's away kit ; Same template with old Brazil kits.