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  1. Why is it that it says my post is at at 6:35, when it is actually 7:35 here at my house?
  2. It's not as bad as I thought it was. I actually like the logos, but I'm not much of a fan of the name. Whatever appeals to the kids I guess.
  3. I like that. As for El Paso, I like the name, but if they went with sun dogs, chances are they still would've went the Chihuahua route.
  4. Are they still affiliated with the Padres because now they look like a D-backs affiliate
  5. while I don't disagree with the sentiment, who would it be? An expansion team? Or an existing team that has a form of yellow/gold in their color template like the Chargers, Chiefs, Steelers, Packers, or Redskins? I cant think of one of them looking good in that. I loved Pittsburgh's previous alts, the one with thethe yellow block numbers, despite my dislike towards the team. If they brought back that only swap the yellows with the blacks and wolla a nice yellow jersey that Nike could pull off
  6. It looks like a .jpg for me. the question is: is only for me? Well, I have no idea whats going on with the pics lately. Its coming up weird for me as well. It was paint usable for me when I posted it. Maybe you can contact kiwi and he could PM or email it to you. Sorry it doesn't work
  7. Not much, but the top doesn't have the mesh panels on the sides and the collar is different. There are two jerseys per template
  8. 1,000% credit to kiwi_canadien for these Nike NHL templates:
  9. I wonder what the NFL thinks now about giving Jacksonville the expansion team instead of Baltimore or Memphis?
  10. Your welcome. Like I said, it's a football cleat from a larger template, so that's why it looks a little disproportionate. I will be posting kiwi's nhl and Olympic Nike hockey templates later in the week.
  11. Here are the updated Nike templates. I give 99.9999% credit to Son_ofNun for making the template, as I did the .0001% through editing Regular Template: ProCombat Template: I think the mesh panel could also work as the "pit-stain" pattern similar to that of the MLB's batting practice uniforms.
  12. Your welcome. I replaced the cleat with a football cleat that was on a Pro Combat set. I didn't see the difference and even in real life they look the same to me. If they aren't, I'll just remove it.
  13. Son_ofNun, I have both of your Nike baseball templates. When I opened them, the side panels were pixelated as well as a few other minor things. I have tweaked them for my needs so they are no longer pixelated. Would it be ok if I post the newer versions in the morning? They look pretty much the same, only the noticeable difference is that the outline is a dark gray and the side panels are one shade of gray and not 100 different gray pixels.
  14. ???? They all work for me. I haven't had any trouble getting templates from Photobucket recently.
  15. A LACROSSE TEMPLATE IS FINALLY HERE! Nike Short-Sleeve Template (Outdoor): Nike Long-Sleeve Template (Indoor): Stay tuned for another unveiling tomorrow. HINT: Its a hockey template 100% created by kiwi_canadien. These lacrosse templates are a bit of a preview of kiwi's template
  16. Being from Ohio, you wouldn't think the Jackets had poor attendance and was bringing the city down financially based on the Columbus news networks. If you were to watch them, they try as hard as they can to show something CBJ related, whether it be charity events the are holding or a signing of a vice co-assistant jr. water boy in training.
  17. The game rates cities from 1-99 based on a tram's desire for that location. Unfortunately, every team has the same desire levels. For example, LA is ~99 while (if you choose to relocate the Redskins) Landover is a 12. San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as Mexico City are also high spots while Columbus, Orlando, and I think even NYC are in the mid 60's to high 70's. I think Dscruggy put it best when he called it 'EA Logic'.
  18. Only three cities offered deals to Pittsburgh: Puerto Rico, San Antonio, and Boston. BOS was closest to the other teams in the division. They are now they Boston Admirals, then Browns are the Virginia Bulldogs, Arizona has has some great seasons in Anaheim with no season worse than 8-8, Oakland is now Las Vegas, STL is now in Nebraska, Miami is now a second Buffalo team, and Dallas and Minnesota are on the verge of relocation. It's mainly based on 1). How close will they be to their division opponents, and 2). How much money the city is offering and for how long.
  19. Sorry to get kinda off topic, but Has anyone been able to realign divisions in Madden 11? I've always been cautious when relocating teams. I haven't gotten that far in franchise (5-6 seasons into it), but the steelers began to suck (I use all 32 teams and lost HOU & DET after season 2), so I put them in Boston, the best option financially.
  20. The last pic I had is at 90 kb. My first option I have is only at 16.1, while my second option Is at 175.
  21. It's png format, office. Does it need to be in a different format?
  22. It's not a gif. It's not that big its just over 200 pixels.
  23. It was mentioned a while back, but has anyone made a Nike basketball template yet? No hurry. EDIT: While searching for other templates, I came across this template Mbannon created. All it needs is to be converted to paint. Anyone interested? Thanks in advance!
  24. I'm having trouble changing my profile pic. When I get to the "Photo Editor" screen, I select Browse and choose my photo. But when I chose that pic, it only had an X where my pic would be like it hasn't loaded right. This is why Im using the silhouette guy right now. What am I doing wrong?
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