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  1. I've had quoting trouble on my phone recently. It doesn't show up the same as my desktop
  2. When I quote someone (like right now), it appears as "Legend, on 14 Aug 2013 - 14:26, said:" and then their post. But when my post come up, it doesn't say who said it.
  3. I didn't mean to come across like the mods didn't do it soon enough. When I said "Finally being banned". It was supposed to be a relief because he posted stupid crap on just about every board.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, got kinda curious I guess, but does anyone know what the shortest amount of time as a "member" is on these boards? Because that Tanner guy that went on his crappy poetic-like rampage across the boards spent nearly an hour to an hour and a half before finally being banned.
  5. Id love to go to a Bengals game, but after I saw a show that said the average ticket is about 80-90 bucks, I'm just gonna wait till I've got a job first... And a car!
  6. Hockey in Jamaica, hmm? Almost as crazy as their jamaican bobsled team
  7. who the heck would make a movie with the Browns in it? Why not oh say... HOUSTON?
  8. Has anyone been interested in doing a lacrosse template? Just curious.
  9. I would think that a team playing in a stadium named after Google would also have the google logo, something like this: That way it can go with the color scheme. Don't get me wrong I love the look right now, but I personally believe google would be a better fit. Southie is pretty creative and I like the San Diego set too!
  10. When I first saw the name Rose City, my initial thought was "Pasadena, play in the Rose Bowl, yadda yadda yadda." Well I was obviously wrong. Its not my favorite, but I like it. Like San Antonio and Salt Lake (Love the beehive by the way. An all blue one would look like Marge Simpson's hair!) For Orange county, have you thought about using this?: Would probably look better than the blue.
  11. When I saw Pittsburgh, I saw that you put that they've been back in forth between leagues. Is it like a European league where the top 2 or 3 move up a league while the bottom two or three move down? I have no Idea which league that is. All I know its European. Love the Motown by the way!
  12. Ditto on what Dakotapalm said. It looks like in your sketch the flamingo came from the side instead of the front. Maybe have it curl around. The set looks good, but in real life, after the heat Carnival is taking I don't think they would even have the money left to sponsor anyone or anything for that matter lol. Like I said Great set and a spectacular series (from a guy who hates soccer)
  13. I love the idea of Forest City as the name, but not as much with the colors. I like Fresno as well as Chicago South, but the Forest City isn't doing it for me. ll the others are works of art. Maybe replace the green with something like a red or crimson? Love the work you've done so far!
  14. By no means am I a soccer fan. But these uniforms are excellent. I had a similar Idea as well, but It was with Football. Awesome job so far!
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