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  1. As a Cards fan, I don't think you improved anything in the logo. It's a great logo that's hard to improve on. Just my opinion.
  2. Can I get Arizona with thier white helmet please in the Fiesta Bowl?
  3. Maybe Paul Goldschmidt? That would be nice.
  4. And I went with the claw because I feel people over time won't consider it cartoony and too Jurassic Park like. As much as I love their logo, I went with the claw.
  5. I was tired of seeing the same old circle and claw logo, so I went another direction with it.
  6. Another one that I've started months ago but haven't finished. I would really like some feed back as this one assome potential.
  7. Anthony.

    Real Madrid

    Yes, I feel like the entire logo would need modernized.. I jusr realized that.. But I'm just messing with it now.
  8. Anthony.

    Real Madrid

    It's been a while since I've posted a concept, but want to eventually get around to modernizing La Liga. I was just messing around and I came with this so far. Its far from done but any suggestions would be helpful. The "M" In the crown represents Madrid.
  9. Yeah, because the Dbacks are the only team that would throw at a player. Get real.
  10. I honestly don't know what goes through Kevin tower's mind. This is another trade that makes me wonder where the state of the franchise is heading. Ugh..
  11. I'm a huge fan of Skaggs and would hate to see him leave. I would be okay with Cahill for Trumbo. But I think that's highly unlikely that the Angels would accept that offer.
  12. How about ASU vs Texas Tech Holiday Bowl?
  13. Some issues with these that I have. The Cardinals, Saints, Jets and Cowboys helmets wouldn't work very well because the logo would get lost in the helmet, even with some sort of outline. The Bengals head looks awkward being backwards on the helmet.
  14. Too bad the Jags aren't in the MLB. That's a great look.
  15. "Team president Derrick Hall told the Arizona Republic that fans either loved or hated the the old purple and turquoise colors -- and it was the first change Major League Baseball suggested when it approached the team about a different look."
  16. Really? So how does that explain, the Twins & Indians, Angels & Rangers, Dodgers & Padres? There are many teams that really, if you look at them are the same color. I find this about as bogus as the story of red being Gene Autry's favorite and that's why the Angels went red. I really don't care what you find "bogus." What reason would I have to come on an internet forum and post lies? I don't really care if people believe me or not, but, when I traveled to Phoenix this summer I spent sometime in Chase Field and I had several people that work for the team say that Selig came to the Dbacks and requested they changed their colors. Even if the MLB didn't have a hand it in, I still think the Dbacks wanted to get away from looking like the Rockies. It must be the terrific color scheme they had that blinds people from the truth.
  17. To the people thinking the Dbacks were the ones that wanted to ditch their old colors, I don't think that's correct. I'm pretty sure MLB personally contacted the Dbacks and asked if they could change their colors due to the fact the Rockies were already purple and black. I could see how they could get the teams confused, they did look similar especially being in the same division.
  18. IMO this proves that Anaheim has a terrific color scheme, but lacks to show it with their current uniform template. If a football team were to adopt this color scheme, it would be great.
  19. I requested your template on September 2, and I was wondering if you could please send the template to, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  20. Anthony.

    NHL 90's Remix

    This series is awesome.
  21. Please and thanks.