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  1. Is it? At least last year's sponsor had the same color patch as the jersey with a contrasting color logo. That green patch on the white jersey hurts to look at. Unless... Green is in the plans for the future? *fingers crossed*
  2. I'm just going to go ahead and say a NBA uniform is no place for graffiti. Maybe someone proves me wrong in the future, but so far 0 for 2.
  3. I don't know if it was intentional, but I'm also getting a few retro/Thanksgiving Cowboys vibes with the shoulder yoke and number font. Just take the shoulder star and put it front and center and boom.
  4. These are so slick! The crewneck collar detail (inside and out), the phantom-bevel stitching, the crisp contrast between the green and white, and I am a huge fan of that new alternate Texas-D logo on the sleeve. Mirror that on the other sleeve instead of the Winter Classic logo and you have a look that you can keep around for a long time. Love it.
  5. It may be a bit on the bland side, but I honestly think this is one of the Mavs' best looks since the 2001 rebrand. Only the second jersey to say "Mavericks" aside from those Hefty bag atrocities, centered numbers and traditional striping are all pluses in my book. Maybe most of the designing efforts are being put towards a rebrand now with Luka/KP and the new buzz?
  6. Mavericks statement jersey reveal:
  7. Especially since they most likely won't wear it again after this year. This isn't a Vice Heat or Coogi Nets scenario.
  8. Exactly. How hard would it be to make it white or black? Either would work. I know branding and all, but there has to be an alternative color option used on a non-contrasting background. Other than that, *chef's kiss*
  9. Is this a popular opinion? I rather like the number font. Legible, tasteful, and unique.
  10. Oh. Initially, I thought you meant by comparison to those atrocious Bills uniforms.