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  1. Definitely has more of a "sand" vibe here, doesn't it?
  2. Yeah -- I'm not sure why it's only hitting me now, the logos have been known for a while and I never noticed. Something about seeing it on the helmet, especially in a profile view, it just gets lost...
  3. Is it just me or does the horn look a lot less horn-y?
  4. The bone set seems better suited as a color rush addition -- the lack of a white jersey and/or pants make it feel incomplete.
  5. Not sure if pushback even matters. Practice jerseys have had them for a while now and the NBA has set a US precedent for ads on game jerseys... may just happen regardless.
  6. Yeah -- when I first saw it, I thought it was a sponsor. It looked like one of these ...
  7. Ranking the NFL's new uniforms: 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2. Cleveland Browns 3. Los Angeles Chargers 4. New England Patriots 5. Indianapolis Colts 6. Los Angeles Rams 7. Atlanta Falcons 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- A welcome return to the Super Bowl-winning set complete with a smaller helmet logo. Combine that with the excitement of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski and you have all the eyes on Tampa Bay this upcoming season. 2. Cleveland Browns -- Another return to greatness. This set really shows that less is more. A toss-up here between the Browns and Chargers, the Browns get the nod based on the level of improvement over their previous set. 3. Los Angeles Chargers -- Beginning to see a trend here? Another retro-inspired set. The lines of the new logo are far better and the new typeface/number set is a very nice fit. And who doesn't like powder-blue? 4. New England Patriots -- Finally. They dropped the silly side panels and inconsistent striping. The transition into the classically-striped color rush uniforms, with an evenly-weighted number font, is a welcomed one. 5. Indianapolis Colts -- As lateral of a move as you can make. I even debated including them or not due to the only uniform change was a slab-serif addition to the number font. The wordmark and alternate logo changes are fine. Nothing to complain about. 6. Los Angeles Rams -- Unveiled today, and not as bad as I feared. The logos did not give me much hope. Negatives: gradient stripes/numbers, no TV numbers, no white set -- a bone grey away uniform instead, a silly team name patch. Positives: the colors, no helmet horn gradient. 7. Atlanta Falcons -- Bland. Generic. Boring. Hard to do when you have a red, black, and silver color palette. They took Tampa's oversized helmet logo and silver facemask out of the garbage and proudly pair it with a red-to-black gradient uniform with a side-panel stripe. Woof.
  8. I typically don't mind a large number either. Numbers back in the day were just bigger in general. As long as the font is attractive (or at very least, unobjectionable), I think it's fine.
  9. You're right about Godwin wearing 14, but I'm still sticking with that's the old logo.
  10. This appears to be the old logo decal. The ball in the logo is still that bright orange. It appears that at the time of the photoshoot(s), they were unsure of what to do with the logo/helmet decal. That would explain the inconsistencies.
  11. Is it? At least last year's sponsor had the same color patch as the jersey with a contrasting color logo. That green patch on the white jersey hurts to look at. Unless... Green is in the plans for the future? *fingers crossed*
  12. I'm just going to go ahead and say a NBA uniform is no place for graffiti. Maybe someone proves me wrong in the future, but so far 0 for 2.