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  1. Now that I’ve given it some time, it’s even worse than the first look. The absence of the classic horns are hurting me as a Rams fan
  2. the biggest problem is the weird patches/stitching and that abomination of a design on the grey sleeves (numbers and "horn")....the rest can be forgiven until we get throwbacks again
  3. Chargers royal is a better Rams jersey than the rams
  4. WHAT IS THAT STRIPING ON THE GREY JERSEY? WHAT IS THE ZIGZAG? GOOD: -Helmet (COLOR only) BAD: - horn shape -whole away jersey (colors, mismatch fonts etc) -Gradient -number font -THE PATCH/ ZIG ZAG 2/10
  5. I dont understand the need for the gradient numbers especially since theres only one version of their logos that uses the white to yellow gradient. Ive noticed that the blue to yellow without gradient is used way more on TV and in other applications....and there is no white to yellow gradient on the Ram head. I dont get it. The grey uniform could work as an alternate but does this mean no more throwbacks? Yellow color rush?
  6. It could just be me, but maybe the lines on are just too thick on the Ram head? Something is off about it other than the overall design...I’m thinking it’s the line thickness. I don’t see any other logo in the NFL with that line style
  7. The Rams show the Ram head on center field on their Instagram page with the 2020 schedule...they’re listening it seems
  8. The Rams have changed the mid field logo on their virtual stadium to the Ram Head logo....I honestly don’t mind the LA logo as a secondary and it looks decent in the end zones. I wonder if this means anything significant though
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