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  1. So for those who haven't heard, Cal got new uni's yesterday, and I noticed that they have the gold/yellow shoulder stripes next to the fly-wire collar that looks really similar to what the Jags' leaked game jersey showed: Except the main difference with the leaked Jags game jersey is that the actual fly-wire collar is black, and not gold.
  2. Disregard my last post haha. I didn't know these were from last year's unveiling EDIT: April Fool's....kind of...
  3. FWIW, I found a somewhat better picture of the Vikings helmet, and yes it is purple. I can't tell if they have a matte-like decal stripe going down the helmet (like the one Seattle has), but it looks like the Viking horns might be chrome...
  4. Awesome work on these helmet concepts GotPixels. I would love to see your renditions on a white Denver Broncos helmet if you've got the time. Thanks
  5. Don't quote me on this, because I haven't seen the full dolphins uniform, but does anyone else think that maybe the helmet won't have the new logo? Ex. the eagles have the logo on its sleeves, and then the wing decals on the helmet.
  6. Instead of criticizing it as a cross-eye, has anyone took into consideration that perhaps the white part of the eye is the iris; and that the dark aqua blue color is the sclera?
  7. Aside from the incorrect number/nameplate font, these chinese knockoffs are actually pretty accurate for the most part
  8. That's my point though. I understand that they aren't allowed to give us details, but are they not allowed to deny (potentially) false information?
  9. It's not that you're incorrect or untrustworthy (we have to wait and see to determine that). It's just that we have no idea who you guys are. We have a few posters who do have inside info who have proven track records who posters tend to have more faith in then two guys who join and immediately start talking about radical re-designs. Exactly, so where are these few posters who have proven track records? I would like to hear their input on all of this
  10. Where are the credible, approved posters that you all speak of? I would like to hear their opinions on Brady's Homie and my claims. If our claims were absurdly incorrect wouldn't we have been corrected by now?
  11. Something tells me he didn't find this in the Thrift Shop... I kid of course. I couldn't resist... Most likely it was even better than a Thrift Shop, he probably got it for free
  12. To those who are anxiously waiting for someone to answer the question, the two kind looking gentlemen are Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. (left) and Tupac "Machiavelli" Shakur (right). Both are probably the most influential rappers in history, and unfortunately both were murdered in a drive-by, in separate instances. Oh, and nobody knows who committed either crime; but everyone has their opinion
  13. Are you guessing at that or was anyting published? I'm sure the Seahawks sold a good amount of jerseys in the past year. All rebrands lead to huge initial sales, even if the logo is widely hated by the fanbase, such as with the Buffaslug. I haven't seen anything to indicate the Seahawks new jerseys are iconic fashion, such as them being worn widespread by non-fans or rappers. Also, I don't know how a rebrand will give them more fans or TV time. The Cowboys are almost always overhyped by the media, as is. New unis aren't going to put them on the map, as teams like the Seahawks and Jaguars have hoped for. I beg to differ....
  14. I think you've nailed most of them. The only other team I could think of are the Saints? Maybe they could change their gold back to the gold they had in the '70s. After taking in some of Brady's Homie's hints, I think that the mystery team is either the Rams (gold for yellow/white) or the Titans (baby blue/red). However, a few pages back, Brady's Homie said he saw a concept of the helmet and not many of us would be able to guess the team. So if it were the Rams, I'm pretty sure the Ram horns would still be on the helmet. My source told me that the mystery team was a team that we thought would never change, and the Titans haven't changed their uniforms since they relocated from Houston.