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  1. I think it looks great, Apple's UI design is bar none compared to anything out on the market, only one in the same league imo is the Windows Phone Interface, Apple continues to nail everything right on the head like Microsoft.
  2. I'll share how I got started, in Elementary School I used to trace/draw cars that I liked as a kid as well as Pokemon Characters. To be honest some people will have to take courses to learn and some people just have it. It might be rare but I'm sure there's plenty of designers who were just born with the skill to be a designer and only had to keep advancing their skills as time goes on. As a kid I loved drawing sports teams logos, painting, sculpting and making clay maps for Geography projects, by middle school I started creating graphics by computer and the passion since has never left. I love Graphics, everything I glance at can be looked upon as art to me, that's just how my mind works, I've never took a class on it, I became my own teacher so I studied fonts, logos, color schemes, I could be in a restaurant looking at the menu heck and get inspiration or ideas, it all comes from within you. All the work I do is private so there's constant projects I'm working on and when I have free time that's when my passion for creating sports concepts comes into play. IMO Good/Great Graphic Designers are perhaps the most creative people in the world. With a strong will to pursue Graphic Design the possibilities are endless for you, so "research" and "practicing" is your best friend and if you do decide to take classes for it always develop things on your spare time to stay ahead of the game so when a project or what have you needs to be done, it'll become a breeze for you, looking forward to seeing some work from you.
  3. Yeah I have a design with a font face similar to the M I had a lot of concepts that I'll probably upload soon
  4. I also Modernized the Original Mavericks logo as well and made a court to go along with it
  5. I really like the Primary Logo, Word & Organization Marks, can't wait to see how this contest goes, I plan on entering myself as well. Looking forward to seeing future posts from you!
  6. Very, very great shirt design, I have a few friends that are Memphis fans on fb that would love that first shirt design!
  7. So far I made it based off .png but I'm sure If I transferred everything into layers it could be exported to psd format
  8. Check it out everyone, so far I've done a Arizona Wildcats Mockup, North Carolina also a West Virgina one that I haven't posted yet.
  9. Haha knew it! lookin' at it more and getting some feedback from some friends of mine your logo looks complete.
  10. First Vector ... Very impressive they're gonna love that logo I know most High School's don't have custom Logo's so this is great, just point the tips of the Horns up a tad bit, other than that you're very talented great job!
  11. These concepts are amazing, I believe every team in the NFL needs a uniform overhaul except for the Seahawks, these are innovative, creative and exactly how NFL uniforms should look instead of being so bland. Looking forward to seeing more Concepts, these are good enough to actually end up being NFL teams new Uniforms.
  12. I do agree, they needed to carry out the exact same concept shown in the illustration, the trees if a much lighter shade would make the court stand out more a long with the water being a lighter blue... although still will look great on live television
  13. This court is going to look amazing, by far the best court in the Country once finished!
  14. I believe it's a great new logo in defined terms as a "logo" but it doesn't in anyway come off as something you'd vision being a Professional Sports Team's Logo. Perhaps too many people were involved in the design process because I just can't see this being the finalized product for a football franchise, too many great designers for this to just be "IT". Too me it looks like a design I'd see from either a Discount Clothing Store for Women Shirts or a Miami Beach Side Hotel. Very bland for an NFL Team and not Modern like the Jacksonville Jaguars enhanced Logo which took Modern to another level in regards to NFL teams rebranding themselves.
  15. I was thinkin' the exact same thing... by the way it was ridiculous how the Lobos lost to Harvard I'm a big fan!
  16. What do you all think of the New Miami Dolphin's Logo?! -went and recreated the New Logo so people can see it in a better resolution
  17. This identity concept is amazing, very precise, clear and thought out. Your Jerseys are designed great, very detailed, can see you put a lot of time into it. I like the red Concept bettter over the powder orange though, powder orange can be a little hard on the eyes
  18. I noticed they changed the font color of the new logo, when it first released the font was like a light hot pink color and every image I see now via google and articles now shows a dark red color, I can't find the first leak anywhere now amazing the way the internet works lol
  19. Thought I'd have some free time fun and Make a Jersey of my All Time Favorite NBA Player, just for show, enjoy! Everything was Hand Drawn except for the Player Name Font, would love to possibly make more NBA Player throwbacks.
  20. Thanks, appreciate it, I could work something out with the side water splash yet it's already been sent off to the Miami Dolphin's sooo I guess I'll have to wait to make any other changes. Also the body of the dolphin isn't going to change just what's inside it from CEO Mike Dee. I hadn't heard that yet, any chance you have a quote to confirm it? "Overwhelming, Dee said, fans expressed displeasure with the current logo, preferring something more along the lines of the 1960s and 1970s logos, rather than the 1997 "cartoon" logo the team currently uses." “We’re going to have one eye on the history and the tradition,” Dee said. “This is not going to be a change from the Tampa Bay orange to the pewter gray that they did. This is going to be, if we do it, much more subtle than that. I think you’ll see our color scheme stay the same. I think you’ll see the basic elements of the logo, with the sunburst and the dolphin, remain the same.” "Dee explained that the logo change "in some peoples' eyes will be slight, and in other peoples' eyes, will probably be more significant." He continued to explain, "The fundamental components of the logo won't change: the sun, the dolphin. There's going to be a look back at history, in terms of some of the elements of it, and a look ahead at the future in terms of others." There ya go! Like was said, all that suggests is that the dolphin and the sun are staying. I think the sun from the "leaked" logo is a possibility as a traditional yet modern touch. What happens with the dolphin is to be seen. I don't know if they'll actually go so far as to change its posture significantly, but that would be something that could lead to a "modern" touch. This Dolphin was up before they took it down