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  1. What will the away be?
  2. Somebody try red helmet, red jersey white pants.
  3. Then give them a white helmet so they’ll look like everyone else.
  4. Texans should go silver lids red jerseys silver pants.
  5. Drop the shadow
  6. Teal says Panthers are changing colors, logos and uniforms in 2020. He’s been right with everything else so far.
  7. Just get rid the football and place it with the underline
  8. Honestly, what about take New York off the front and just out the NY on the helmet.
  9. After everything I like about the uniforms... they still remind me of NCAA 14 uniform builder.
  10. Like the stripes Like the New York on the chest. Like the Gotham Green. Like the number font. Hate the black. Hate the Football on the helmet logo. Hate the oval logo.
  11. How are people praising these yet condemning the Cardinals? These are worse. It’s like they got them from 2003.