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  1. That sounds like we could get a change.
  2. People like change for change sake. I’ve noticed that a lot around here.
  3. I really wish they would just scrap the rams :censored: all together. Maybe the corona can help them pass time to get it right.
  4. L@ has the worse logo in the league. Already tired of seeing it.
  5. Less is more and unfortunately for L@, they decided to do more. Uniforms are going to be a nightmare. Maybe they’ll change everything before it’s too late kinda like Sonic the Hedgehog. One can hope.
  6. “I never seen nothing like this.” oh :censored:
  7. It comes off as a gas station logo or a local news station logo.
  8. I think the Chargers are going to go with yellow bolts with no outline for the shoulder.
  9. Rams will have entire new makeover in 2025
  10. Reminds me of a gas station logo.