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  1. People in South and North Carolina do not see each other’s school as rivals. Yea they may say “Real Carolina” but they are in no way big time rival. NC vs NC.St yes But not SC vs. NC. In fact you’ll see NC fans at SC games and vice versa.
  2. South Carolina to leave UA for Jordan?
  3. Mods I apologize I posted in wrong thread.
  4. South Carolina to leave UA for Jordan?
  5. Terrible but they honestly fit LA.
  6. The just released them on their social media & their real.
  7. What’s the point of continuing to extend this? Release it already.
  8. They’ve been saying that for over a decade.
  9. Pegula has been buying a lot of property in downtown Buffalo. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new stadium isn’t announced within two to three years.
  10. I don’t think the NFL wants three city teams in California. I get the feeling for some reason they want it to be like NY. Two teams in the largest cities, one team elsewhere. LA and San Fran, NY and Buffalo.
  11. Not a fan. give us powder blue pants. take away number on helmet.
  12. I feel they could’ve gotten away with no stripes, no Elvis, just numbers on the arm and patriots with Elvis on the front.