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  1. People in South and North Carolina do not see each other’s school as rivals. Yea they may say “Real Carolina” but they are in no way big time rival. NC vs NC.St yes But not SC vs. NC. In fact you’ll see NC fans at SC games and vice versa.
  2. South Carolina to leave UA for Jordan? https://www.instagram.com/p/CABXrFGJqq4/?igshid=5iuo7s2l7f77
  3. Mods I apologize I posted in wrong thread.
  4. South Carolina to leave UA for Jordan? https://www.instagram.com/p/CABXrFGJqq4/?igshid=5iuo7s2l7f77
  5. The just released them on their social media & their real.
  6. What’s the point of continuing to extend this? Release it already.
  7. They’ve been saying that for over a decade.
  8. Pegula has been buying a lot of property in downtown Buffalo. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new stadium isn’t announced within two to three years.
  9. I don’t think the NFL wants three city teams in California. I get the feeling for some reason they want it to be like NY. Two teams in the largest cities, one team elsewhere. LA and San Fran, NY and Buffalo.
  10. Not a fan. give us powder blue pants. take away number on helmet.
  11. I feel they could’ve gotten away with no stripes, no Elvis, just numbers on the arm and patriots with Elvis on the front.
  12. Take away shoulder stripes and I’m good with this.
  13. 1. Lack of silver pants. 2. Patriots jersey name does not need Elvis under it. That’s three Elvis’s on the jersey.
  14. Jags BBT looks just as bad as Tennessee’s Navy, navy, baby blue.
  15. Different could mean different logo. Would be cool to get powered pants or yellow pants for away with white lids.
  16. Much better than the Chargers emoji logo.
  17. Hopefully the helmets are still the same color but with a different finish.
  18. Agree. I think the old jets logo would have been perfect for them.
  19. 1. People were losing their over rumors that the Bucs weren’t going to have any orange in their uniform as rumors suggested. There were countless post on how they were going to somehow screw it up. Turns out, they nailed it. 2. You got mad cause I dissed your Bucs beloved 70s uniforms and have been on my case since. BTW they still remind me of old Tupperware and kitchen countertops. 3. Misunderstanding or not, nobody feels like arguing with you after every post so please find someone else “FFS“. I’d like to get back to enjoying my time here without feeling bombarded with smart ass comments by people who are too grown to be acting like teenagers. 4. Lets move on.
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