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  1. The Saints. Keep it simple. The Saint Louis Saints.
  2. New direction here. This is taking my original "S" Needle logo and reworking as a primary logo instead of what many remarked was a secondary logo. As for the colors, since Kings are staying in Sacramento, the supersonics color scheme is up for grabs. So back to that look.
  3. Interesting, I'll try that.
  4. Alright thank you all for the great feedback. After researching more and more of the old Seattle Mets, i've focused on bringing a modern execution to their original look. So for colors, the originals were much like the Minnesota Wild's current set but with a brighter green. To emulate that without becoming too much like the Wild, I've chosen a dark forest green, emerald green and then a bright red as an accent. Also I wanted to emulate the barber pole jersey design but restrain it for a modern look by keeping it at the bottom stripes. I agree that my Space Needle "S" logo was too much of a secondary logo look. So I've kept it simple by creating a modern version of the original "S" logo with SEATTLE inside of it. Thoughts?
  5. So back to the drawing board. Here is a primary logo I drew up for the Seattle Metropolitans (Metros, Mets) I have a bunch of different color options that I want to get some feedback on.
  6. I was originally thinking calling them the Aeronauts. But do you guys think it's better to stick to the Metropolitans? I agree the wing design is similar to the Blues, so maybe focusing on a Mets concept will bring more originality.
  7. I've started a new branding project for a possible NHL team in Seattle. Here is the initial work to start. • I went with the classic Sonics color scheme since it's not used by any NHL teams and instantly connects to the Seattle area. Let me know if I'm wrong on this, but I think it's the way to go. • I wanted a strong "S" logo to carry the team identity because, again, no other team can own the "S" • I haven't landed on a team nickname yet, but the concept reflects themes of "speed" "flight" "sky" "adventure" "innovation" "exploration" and "weightlessness". Any ideas for nicknames that convey this? • The logo is inspired by historical automobile hood ornaments that used dramatic wing designs to convey speed and performance during the 30's, 40's and 50's. • The uniforms are in the very early stage of design. I would love some ideas for uniform options too, please.
  8. Since you're working with a completely new brand, you need to think forward and not go historical with the duel letter lockup. It will get confused with KU or Kansas City far too much. Get creative and think of a mascot to represent them and then take on the challenge of illustrating that. A race horse maybe?
  9. Agreed. This could be a fantastic Tiger logo for anyone BUT Detroit. Detroit already has a excellent identity system for them. But there are plenty of Tiger teams that could use a new idenity. The first one to mind is Memphis. That logo is tired and lame. Try working this within a large "M" and see what happens.
  10. Great feedback guys, updated work is posted. Thanks
  11. The shoulder logo looks much more like a classic main crest than the soldier's profile image. I think those logos should switch places. You may think the soldier illustration is really sharp, and it is, but I think your patch logo is much more iconic and well branded. To stay away from the NY Rangers comparisons, you could ditch the bottom striping on the jerseys and let it be a really simple, clean look.
  12. Primary Logo: Cap Logo: Cap Image: Here's my take on creating a more classical baseball identity for Colorado.
  13. While watching the Islanders game tonight I thought about doing a Brooklyn update for their move next season. I want to stick with their classic look, but obviously make it geographically unspecific. I'll probably get going on a secondary logo next. UPDATED: The revised look takes the Brooklyn name off, relaxes the arch of Islanders and adds a fourth stick line.