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  1. I’m speaking very specifically about those “cut-out” inner notches that started with MSU. Every team that’s tried to use them since looked at MSU for inspiration.
  2. Great job on the lawsuit unis. I’d give a kidney to see those on the field just once.
  3. So basically we're going off of Connor Hughes's (who admittedly isn't a big uniform guy) interpretation of the spoken account of a secret source within the organization? Wonderful.
  4. Arbitrary notches in number fonts to make them “unique” have become very popular ever since Michigan State started doing it back in 2010. The 3 and 9 even have the exact same notches. Feels like every irrelevant team is turning to them nowadays to “stand out”, but MSU is definitely the prototype for them. They’ve gotten very hackneyed at this point, especially since they have since put MSU’s font exactly as it is in the catalog.
  5. The only color pants the Browns need is white. The orange pants look just don’t look old-fashioned enough to me, which is what I yearn for from the Browns. They’re a Brown team above all else (and rightfully so), so it just doesn’t look right for saturated orange to takeover so heavily.
  6. Never seen it before, though there is not a doubt in my mind that that is simply yanked from some poster here’s “NFL Logos as Soccer Crests” project or something.
  7. Pretty sure it’s Jesse Alkire (one of our own). Since he doesn’t seem to really pay attention, I’m willing to bet that he means the ones from the Mariota era, since that was the last time that a lot of people were paying attention to Oregon.
  8. That kicks ass. Wild how the NFL instagram is run by Roger Goodell himself (with counsel from all 32 equipment managers).
  9. The Jaguars all-black is technically their "primary," unfortunately, so it wouldn't be a first. Of course, no team should make all-black their primary IMHO, regardless of being "true" to their mascot (seriously, that is soo irrelevant).If any team would have wanted to make an identity out of their all-black uniform, they should have done it before 2004 when every black and black-adjacent team decided it would be *so badass* for them to have a black alt in their closet. Its pretty much tainted now as the "go-to alternate," which is why the Jags have looked like such buffoons for awhile attempting to own it.
  10. That is bold.
  11. What’s killing me is the shooting football coming out of it like a tumor apparently moving the “center” of the logo over to the right, making the whole thing look unbalanced to the left on the field. It would’ve looked fine if they rested the middle of the first 0 on the 50, with the ball shooting out a little past the 35.
  12. Good grief, so many concepts come through that try to make the negative toilet seat collar a “thing” by filling in only the front part of the (now mostly defunct) Elite 51 collar. The only time it’s been done in reality was on that one terrible UNC set, which turned out, in fact, to look terrible.