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  1. I allready play with this court in my 2k13
  2. Ok guys, thanx for the positive commnts I currently work on it, so till i resolve that here is another logo requested my a friend here in forum for a fantasy basketball team:
  3. Indiana Pacers: Hello guys here is a concept for the Pacers I realy dont like their curent logo so I made this. Pls comment , rate, tell me what u think... all comments will be taken as a positive critic, so tell me realy what u think.
  4. here is a small collection from Houston Rockets V2: Houston Rockets V3: Houston Rockets V3:
  5. here is a small collection from Houston Rockets, contains retro floors, actual floor and some fictional as well:
  6. i think I'm not that person who patched taht uniform...
  7. here is something new...
  8. Thank U man. I make them all. I'm gonna give a try. One thing i know from the start the inside the 3pt line is impossible to make for nba2k13 but will make the whole floor with wood texture from my charlotte hornets. By the way can u send me those logos and baseline script font, need quality textures. Send me in P.M. Please. Thanks I'm gon'a use that wood for 'jgsmith725's Charlotte floor too
  9. Seattle Supersonics based on rj7's Seattle Sonics:
  10. Fictional Chicago Bulls Court:
  11. Thank U. Here is a version for Pelicans:
  12. Thanks for the kind of words guys. I take requests if u have some logo.
  13. Denver Nuggest Fictional Floor: Toronto Raptors Fictional Floor: Memphis Grizzlies Fictional Floor: New Charlotte Hornets Fictional Floor: Memphis Grizzlies Fictional Floor 2: Orlando Magic Fictional Floor: New York Knicks (The BIG Apple) Fictional Floor: Milwaukee Bucks Irish Rainbow Oldschool floor: Toronto rAptors fictional floor 2: Houston Rockets Fictional Floor: