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  1. Sorry, but I cannot honestly say that I like a lot of these. I mean, some are cool, but some are... not...
  2. Not bad. The orange is a little overwhelming. I really like it, though the SB Nation article mentioned that not even Oregon would have the uniform template that Denver would be using
  3. I think there should be an alt with white number insides and a touch more gold for the French.
  4. The Fullerton ones are too cool for life.
  5. Cowboys new unis surfacing all over the web. Anybody?
  6. Where Dayton got its nickname from: They played at Triangle Park, just North of downtown
  7. I absolutely love all of these.
  8. I really like all of it, except for the overuse of the early 90s alts.
  9. I upddated the Charlotte Hornets logo, but how do I post images?

  10. I just think the red should be a little more vivid, because on the uniform it looks quite pinkish.
  11. Could you do the Great Whites and castles?