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  1. The font is pretty interesting, looking at the "A" and "G" stand out big time to me. They have also been using the hashtag #bringyourAgame . Not sure if it is another clue to whats to come but could be. Sent back my RSVP tonight!
  2. I really like the work you have done. I started a similar thread rebranding for the high schools in my area before I saw this. I don't have the time nor the skills to crank them out like you are. Keep up the great work.
  3. I really like the last set. I felt like the first set felt too close to Vancouver.
  4. I threw together a couple variations of the logo. I added some red made the lion a little larger adjusted "City" down and two tone purple. I did these real quick so they are not the best quality.
  5. From the looks on their website and looking at the merch, red is dead! It might show up in an away strip like Portland or a third jersey but not on the main stuff.
  6. I wish they would have added a little red. I think the Purple, gold and red combo is nice and unique. Maybe red secondary border on the inside and maybe subtle two tone purple on the inside. Overall it looks clean and sharp...Can't wait for a team and crest for Atlanta!
  7. I use Inkscape (Illustrator) and Gimp (photoshop), They are free programs and I have actually grown to love them.
  8. I started working on Armuchee first. With two schools being blue and white I wanted to add an accent color to help create a more unique look. This is just the start but I would love to get some feedback.
  9. The city I live in now has five public schools and from the time I moved here the lack of creativity in School logos is amazing. I have been wanting to redesign the schools to hopefully give them a unique design. The schools are Armuchee High School (Indians) and colors Blue and white Model High School (Blue Devils) Blue and White but have added some black recently Peperell High School (Dragons) Black and Gold with Red accents Coosa High School (Eagles) Black and White Rome High School (Wolves) Red, Gold and White As you can see they are all pretty sad. I am opening this to anyone else that would like the suggest ideas or create a concept.
  10. On some of the Forums a few mentioned the name Atlanta Vanguard. I came up with a logo I thought looked pretty cool and kit concept.
  11. Nice work! Not crazy about the name but the logo is quality. I wouldn't mind the Rise to be smaller and the Phoenix to be larger.
  12. Arthur Blank the owner of the Atlanta Falcons is adding and Atlanta MLS team to his portfolio. Both teams will be sharing the New Falcons stadium in 2017. I thought it could be cool if Blank combined Atlanta soccer history with the future, while showing the Falcons relationship. I feel like the logo would need some adjustments, but I ran out of ideas.
  13. Touchy like how? In case you don't know they had a fan contest on the name of the club and then on the new badge/logo/crest. The Facebook page was the main vehicle for this, allowing fans to comment on designs and "vote" on the logo. You really had two groups, one saying having a gorilla is too childish and does not lend itself to a "proper crest". The other group saying we don't want just some Eurosnob copy cat, like you see with Real Salt Lake, DC United, FC Dallas. It is a struggle between being a "football/soccer club" and being an american team.