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  1. ...and, I'm sorry, but while the helmet might be a dark pewter... ...the pants are just DARK GRAY... ...remember when the chrome grills were the big issue? Ha, way to take the focus off of that.
  2. ...and like someone mentioned earlier the skull & swords are crooked when compared to the flag. Look at the differences from the tops of the swords to the top of the flag. But hey, love it or hate it...it is what it is. 95% of the people (over estimating...I know) hated the jags helmet and yet it's still here. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have decent unis.
  3. ...if the logo were just a tad smaller I'd actually like it. Not a huge fan of the chrome facemask but it could have been a LOT worse. ... you almost cant tell that the logo is on a flag. Have you ever noticed that when they ask the person doing the unveiling if they like the changes (no matter if it's the dolphins, vikings, jags) they absolutely LOVE them. Like they'd actually say they didn't...
  4. But that just brings up the old "are bears navy blue, are eagles green, are dolphins aqua?" arguments. Panthers might be black, but the only reason a football team named the Panthers needs to dress in black from head to ankle is that they look better that way. How about this? Real panthers are black, but real NFL teams have a contrast of colors between the parts of their uniforms. (IMO, of course ) Now, now. Let's not make any over-generalizations ^ That was great!
  5. Great job on the Cards. As far as the Falcons go...PLEASE have a red helmet.
  6. Goth, I was actually in the process of posting this uniform when the "new post" window popped up. This is one of my all-time favorite uniforms... and absolutely ripe for a modern update. This would great. especially if they went to Gold at home. This would be a really unique look in the NFL (and in all of football in fact). Plus if they move back to LA it would be fit in really well with another team that wears Gold at home. Maybe someone could do a updated mockup. Forgive my ignorance, but is there talk of them returning to LA? I though the rumor-mills had the Chargers going there eventually. Either works for me actually, but I agree...the Rams in gold would look great.
  7. I would have to respectfully disagree with you in one case...personally I feel that the Colts have one of the sharpest unis in the NFL. It may be plain but it looks great...home and away.
  8. I absolutely love it. It looks badass and the blue really pops. Really works for a team called the Panthers. The blue socks absolutely make this uni work. If they had gone with black pants & black socks it would have looked terrible.That being said, i still love their blue jerseys. I hope we see them a couple times this year.
  9. Back in the '70s there was the 'KISS Army'. Even that would have sounded better. I was a huge KISS fan back in the day...but LA KISS just sounds stupid.
  10. I'd love to see these return....but what if "complete" uni change means something like what the Buccs did when they changed? We could end up with a charging ram on the helmet and a whole new color scheme. ...but, I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. It'll probably be an updated version of the one above.
  11. Anyone see a Broncos helmet yet? I'm wondering if they re-did the striping like the pic that was on here a few days ago.
  12. Love the purple pants, but not with the purple jersey. Still think the glossy helmet looks much better than the matte. And why...WHY do the teams need to have their own unique number font?!? IMHO the block numbers always look best. The dolphins ALMOST got it right...the Vikings not so much. ...miss the Cris Carter days... Dont get me wrong...while I dont like everything, overall it's a pretty decent update. 1000% better than the Jags.
  13. ...so I guess we can safely say that the Dolphins redo was not the "WTF" change we had heard about.
  14. Funny thing is... IMO if the tail were pointing down (like the old logo) it wouldn't have that Sea World vibe to it. ...but you're right, it's either Sea World or Dolphin Cruise Lines. On another note, I personally would have rathered the numbers be white with a bold orange outline and aqua with the bold orange outline. They really don't need the navy? in the numbers. ...again, just my opinion.