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  1. RT @NBAMemes: LeBron James: Dark Knight Edition! #MaskedLeBron http://t.co/3pqy5YAUay

  2. I think the Rockies and Nuggets should wear latin jerseys too because there are a lot of latin people in Colorado
  3. As a Rockies Fan and Coloradoan, I would not only want them to wear this, it would amaze me every time I saw it. Bravo
  4. Please don't be trolling me. Because I actually liked all those colors mixed together.
  6. I dont think he'll do the Ivy league.... He said power 6
  7. Loving it. Can't wait to see more. Question...... Are you gonna rename any of the teams?
  8. 4.2 Cant get much more minimalist than that! 4.3 Jaguars I suppose. But whats the significance of that thing..... and what is it?
  9. Can I see just see the logo that is on the magic court?
  10. Could you make me Colorado University #6 one please? Thanks
  11. Which Colorado, State, College, University of? University Of Which Colorado, State, College, University of? University Of Never mind just saw it
  12. Well that escalated quickly
  13. @griffinmarlins you should put the 2 rivals together
  14. Count me in I got colorado. But i dont know how to make unis on the computer so itll be hand drawn
  15. This already looks more outdated then the one they have now...
  16. Lognoco

    State Outline Logos

    University of colorado in colorado (should be easy enough)
  17. Main Color: Black And Gold Fringe Color: Black and Gold Text: Run Ralphie Run Logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/7489/Colorado_Buffaloes/2006/Primary_Logo
  18. Can You get Me a Damian Lillard one? Thanks
  19. Wow, just found out on #sportscenter that Mexico won gold medal is soccer this summer #congradulations #hadnoidea