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  1. The mothers day jerseys are beautiful this year.
  2. Went to my local Ross today. They had the following: Cubs BP diamond Era hat Rangers BP Diamond Era hat Marlins 5950 (the one with the Marlin on it) Padres 5950 (both the all green w/ brown SD and the navy w/ brown SD) Cubs 5950 Nationals camo 5950 Nationals 5950 (DC stars and stripes) and last but not least a 2013 National League All Star diamond era BP hat (sadly it was a 7 7/8 or something huge)
  3. Are the Brewers now going to be wearing that hat during the season?? I know it was for a spring game or two, but I gotta admit, its REALLY nice looking.
  4. SOmeone asked about the Rays alternate BP hat (baby blue on top, navy on brim) New Era said its currently being produced and will be released later this season. It was a "late" addition.
  5. I can't believe in my area (Washington DC) basically only Lids stores carry the new Diamond Era hats and the only teams they carry are all the generic/ugly looking ones Brewers, O's, Nats, Tigers, Angels, Yanks (home and away) Pirates, Reds (black/red) and SF Giants Why not the ones with actual nice colors and cool logos? -Mets, Rockies, Rays, Reds (all red), A's, Jays, Marlins, Astros, D-backs. This is so frustrating. I don't want to order them online because just like the 5950, it seems like you need to try on 3 of each size just to find one that actually fits.
  6. Have you even found the regular one? (I'm guessing you live in Pittsburgh) I called basically every store in VA/DC/MD and even two in PA (my sister goes to school there) NOBODY sells the Rays diamondera hat. As for your question about the light blue, I'm guessing its a prototype because I haven't seen any Rays player with it on in any interview or on the field or even in their lockers in the clubhouse.