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  1. I prefer busy seals. I think that's what sets them apart with logos. Even if that is an original logo, it looks similar to many Cardinal logos.
  2. Looks like the Buffalo Sabres IMHO. It's probably more inspired than ripped-off though.
  3. I think there's potential but not many have been good. T thing I don't like most is how the fabric around the shoulders looks different from the rest.
  4. From what I've seen in past basketball jerseys, I actually prefer the Rev 30 jerseys. They look more professional to me.
  5. I think having a number below that logo would make it look awkward.
  6. I actually do like the Charlotte ballcat logo.
  7. I think you have it the other way around. The purple is for road games while the white is only for sunday/holiday home games.
  8. This may not be related too much to the thread but has anyone else noticed how the Clippers and Dodgers uniforms are similar. Diagonal script name with slightly rectangular numbers?
  9. I hate this uniform for 2 basic reasons. First, to this very day, I can't see it without picturing Michael Vick electrocuting a dog, a secondly THIS... ...is so unspeakably, supernaturally, inarguably gorgeous it makes me spontaneously break out in tears every time I see it. I would choose the former over the latter any day. They barely did anything to the jersey. Pants striping is ok. Helmet's fine but I like the back one better. I'm saying this without any knowledge of history of the unis. I'm basing it only on my aesthetic preference. Edit: I just looked at the white version and I understand your anguish. Let's keep the striping color and sleeves but change the main color. That's not necessarily bad but what were they thinking. Bad idea. Bad result. I still stand by my remarks on the other jersey though.
  10. Thanks for the info. Also, I know the team. I probably should have said that. I was looking for things like when it was made, rarity, authenticity. I think I'lll trust the tag with authenticity.
  11. Does anyone else remember Borat when they saw VB's unis?
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