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  1. Can I get Team: Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Name :Hoosierfan Number: 33 Thanks so much!
  2. could you make a KD33 please and thanks
  3. Could I get a KD 33? Thanks so much!
  4. That 1st TCU court is so cool, I wish they would use that!
  5. Here is the current logo that Indiana uses on their court http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/70922132002/Indiana_Hoosiers/2002/Primary_Logo
  6. I for one really like the use of state outlines, especially in the Big Ten. As a fan of Indiana, I only know our court with the state outline so I might be a bit biased, but I think they are utilized very well. Quick question: Is there anyway you could use the current Indiana logo at center court within the state outline? Also I really like the use of the Indiana state flag in the paint!
  7. These look great! I can't wait to see the Big 10 courts
  8. These are really nice! I can't wait to see the Big 10
  9. Indiana hoosiers, not very pixelated. Thanks!
  10. Please don't stop making these! They look so so good!!
  11. The Indiana one didn't come through. Could you re post it?
  12. These look awesome!! Could you make me an Indiana Hoosier one?
  13. Can you also make an Indiana Hoosiers mens basketball 5 time champion one?! thanks so much Scratch the Indiana one, you already made them!!
  14. Can I get an Indiana Hoosiers one that says "Never Daunted"
  15. I know this is 1 game premature (but I am pretty certain its going to happen), but can you make a New York Knicks, 2012-13 atlantic division champions with the subway token logo as the primary logo. Thanks!!!