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  1. It is public. I bought it from web pixum. They have a newer version with better angles so I will probably upgrade to that one at some point.
  2. I will post that one. I just didn’t want it to be a direct rip of the LT Giants era.
  3. Yeah, that’s a tough thing to keep those two separate. I felt like a gray mask would’ve helped, but it didn’t really fit with the set. I’m thinking I may darken Buffalo’s blue to help differentiate the two.
  4. Next is the NFC East, starting with the Giants. The alternate is a fauxback based on their 1933 set.
  5. I went back and forth about the cuffs for the Rams, I decided it went better with the horn on the shoulder to have the colors match. I will be revisiting Seattle for sure. I think there's an answer that I just haven't perfected yet. For Arizona the striping is meant to be like this pattern on their previous uniform set: I tried flipping the grey to being the wider stripes, but just didn't like how it looked. I may still revisit that look too. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Wrapping up this division is Arizona I went a different direction here and focused on Nike's favorite color, gray. Build this concept around the gray desert cardinal. This also gave me even more reason to keep their gray mask on the helmet.
  7. Seattle is 3rd. Green needs to have more a presence for a team in Seattle. Extended the old hawk sleeve all the way to the collar.
  8. The next team is San Francisco. I wanted to stay true to their identity, so kept this one pretty simple.
  9. I had a thread a few years ago about if the NFL mandated that each team wear a white helmet. (the topic is now closed). I wanted to start the 2nd version with the division I never finished, the NFC West. First is the Rams, this was made before today's reveal, so sorry, no bone here...... This is the home set. I wanted to keep a balance of the three colors, but still making sure the blue/yellow were the stars. Here's the away. Finally the alternate.
  10. I don't disagree, but this was a way to simplify things, and update one of their original looks.
  11. I like the idea of a 3rd color, I just don't trust them to execute it properly. (just look at the current set with multiple versions of each color.
  12. I have been toying with this concept for a while, and it's finally finished. This will be a bit of a departure from their classic look, but one that still says "Cowboys". I have dropped navy and silver/gray/silver green from the set. This is a dark royal and white only set. The all white is home, the inverse would be worn when Dallas is on the road, and the home team wears white. The bottom look is a new third set. It is an updated version of their debut uni set, not the current color rush set, which was an updated version of the 94 set, which was sort of loosely based on the 60's set. Let me know what you think.
  13. That isn't right though... Here's the same films you're referencing, with plumes everywhere. They used it in the 30s and 40s because it was accurate, and the "Pirates" franchise used it, because it's accurate. Depp was a pirate, they were buccaneers. Regardless of whether or not it's intimidating, it's Tampa Bay's; it was totally unique to them. Is Bruce out of date, yes, but the skull flag is a dated look too.
  14. This looks fantastic. I wanted to see what it would look like with different colored plumes, so I took the liberty to do so. The pewter works best for me, especially on a white helmet. I like them all, too bad we will never get to see it on the field.... Nice work @McCarthy. (love that Reds 4th place banner too.)