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  1. Finishing out the NFC East is the Eagles. The Eagles should drop the black, and use gray as their accent color. He's what I tried.
  2. Finally a Color Rush set. They have done all white for several years, so here's the all blue version. Updated version of the star shoulder jersey over blue pants. Let me know what you think.
  3. Finally something a little different for Washington... Mono-Yellow. I know that mono-burgundy makes more sense, but I really love their shade of yellow, and that's coming from a Cowboy's fan.
  4. Back to the NFC East with Washington. I stuck with the no mascot approach that they have now. I wanted to keep them pretty traditional, and still immediately recognizable as Washington. Here's the home:
  5. Finally, the orange alternate. I really liked these three sets with the orange helmet, but for this series had to make some tweaks to line up with the white helmet. I'm also really proud of the Ohio logo up there. I thought that would be a great way to fire up the Cincinnati/Cleveland rivalry.
  6. It is public. I bought it from web pixum. They have a newer version with better angles so I will probably upgrade to that one at some point.
  7. Yeah, that’s a tough thing to keep those two separate. I felt like a gray mask would’ve helped, but it didn’t really fit with the set. I’m thinking I may darken Buffalo’s blue to help differentiate the two.
  8. I went back and forth about the cuffs for the Rams, I decided it went better with the horn on the shoulder to have the colors match. I will be revisiting Seattle for sure. I think there's an answer that I just haven't perfected yet. For Arizona the striping is meant to be like this pattern on their previous uniform set: I tried flipping the grey to being the wider stripes, but just didn't like how it looked. I may still revisit that look too. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Wrapping up this division is Arizona I went a different direction here and focused on Nike's favorite color, gray. Build this concept around the gray desert cardinal. This also gave me even more reason to keep their gray mask on the helmet.
  10. Seattle is 3rd. Green needs to have more a presence for a team in Seattle. Extended the old hawk sleeve all the way to the collar.
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