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  1. In addition, he's allegedly repeatedly squeezed out sponsors for the team. Barbasol apparently could have had a deal to become a league wide sponsor, but couldn't get anywhere in negotiations with Precourt and Heartland Bank backed away when they were informed price of sponsorship doubled (I understand wanting more money from sponsors, but doubling the price is excessive, especially for a local bank). He hasn't tried to engage with the community at any level (personal, business, fans) at all, and hasn't made any efforts to involve himself. No offices, condos or apartments in Columbus, hasn't personally joined any business leader groups, hasn't tried to make any connections with government leaders; everything is run out of his San Francisco office. His appearance at last night's game was an anomaly for his tenure. As for last night, man that was fun. Team crushed it and probably could have had 7 if they had some composure in front of goal. Plenty of sloppy giveaways though, can't have that continue. Nordecke was full of energy, it was bedlam in there. One of the best games I've attended there easily. In addition: we had 14k in the building last night, but had a rocking atmosphere. Houston and RBNY had "15k" and "18k" respectively and from the looks of it, crickets could be heard around the grounds. Looks like we need to move them to Albuquerque and Scranton, I hear new markets do well in MLS!
  2. I have a sad feeling they will censor all anti-Precourt themed banners and tifo. Would love to see it happen, but I'm just trying to temper my expectations. I'm probably going to be yelling obscenities at his non-present coward self from the Nordecke though Also, Dave Greeley is an idiot and it makes me happy
  3. I can't believe that actually happened. The league's darlings taken down by the league's red-haired stepchild. Zack Steffen stood on his goddam head. Michael Parkhurst robbing a goal off the line. Adam Flipping Jahn winning it in the shootout. And now we head on to the next round. I hope that place is sold out and rocking. Time to make Precourt look stupid. We're not done yet
  4. Crew Season Ticket holder here. First, Precourt is a clown. He deserves all the scorn and ridicule he is receiving and I hope he either fails in Austin or is forced to sell the team locally. In regard to the latter part, there is now a push from local business and government leaders to either buy him out or get a stadium plan together. Meanwhile, the supporters groups are banding together for a Save The Crew Rally at City Hall on Sunday. Some fans are refusing to support the team in a lame duck year and I can't really blame them. I meanwhile, along with others, will try to make Precourt look like a dunce and prove him wrong that Columbus can't support the Crew. I'll be there Sunday at the rally. To quote Bluto from Animal House; "Nothing is over until we decide it is!" Precourt Out
  5. Been going to Crew games consistently for a couple of years now. Stadium experience has improved tremendously over the past couple of years with added food vendors, food trucks, and local craft brewers offering some good variety of food and beverage choices. It's still not cheap, but the selection is good. You can probably switch your seats up when you get there because there are generally lots of empty seats outside of the supporters' section. Parking is a big pain in the rear, and it can take forever to get in before the game and out after, plus it's $15. I highly recommend getting there early, coming in from the south off 17th Street, and parking close to the exit if you want a quick exit. In terms of good eats near the stadium, I'm always a fan of Local Cantina on High Street in Clintonville. It's Mexican with a hipster twist, and includes tacos, quesadillas, burittos, fajitas, craft beer, and solid cocktails. I've never had anything bad off the menu. If you're not in the mood for Mexican, Dewey's and Natalie's in Worthington have very good pizza and the Short North is chalk full of good dining options. Sadly there are no food options within walking distance of the stadium outside of tailgating or eating inside the stadium. Hopefully this gives you a sense of how things function for Crew games, it's overall a good time, and hopefully the game is more like yesterday than opening night.
  6. According to attendees of tonight's Columbus Crew supporters group summit, the club showed off the new home jersey to the group. It is apparently yellow with the black Adidas stripes and a yellow and black checkerboard pattern running down the side. There are no photos because photos were not allowed to be taken at the event, but the description here should give a basic idea. Also, Barbasol is out as the jersey sponsor next season and the new deal will be finalized right before the season, plus the black kit will be back again for next season.
  7. Is this a place on the internet or in Sacto? Been trying to find accurate name & number sets for a couple of older Bruins jerseys I have. The Marleau set looks excellent
  8. The way things went tonight, this team will probably be on the fast track to relocation in 5 years or so
  9. It's not bad, but wholly unimaginative. Par for the course at this point
  10. This is basically how I feel right now: I've been supportive of Claude this season, doing a decent job with some pylons and swiss cheese at defense. But this is inexcusable. A no show in Game 82 when you need a win. I think his time has run out as coach, and I don't blame him for all of it, but they need even more wholesale changes. This team needs to get tougher, they need to deal some assets to get a younger defenseman, and they need to find an identity, speed and skill or grit and grinding. They played with more speed and skill this year, but you could run them over very easily because they were soft as dog crap. I will miss the Claude-splosions though
  11. There's tinkering and then there's this hot mess. Yedlin at right mid? Zadres on the wing? Orozco at center-back, where he has no chemistry with Omar Gonzalez instead of Geoff Cameron, who was playing right back? I can't comprehend. No one on the offensive side looked like they had ever played together. This team got exactly what they deserved. I'm truly hoping for some cohesive form of a Starting XI when I see them play in Columbus on Tuesday. But who am I kidding...Beckerman will start on the wing, Craig Bingham will start at striker, and Dempsey will be at center back. It's Klinsmann logic!
  12. The full version of the new Crew kits and OH GOD BURN THEM WITH FIRE
  13. According to the Head of Business Operations for the team (I questioned him on this at a supporters event last night), last year's yellow will be staying around as an alternate to be worn at select home games, and he said something to the effect of, "the rumors of the yellow jersey disappearing have been greatly overstated." If that's true, wonderful, and I hope it is. Because that thing is a hot mess.
  14. And just when you thought the Bruins would get a little more liked this season, whoops, screwed that up! Thanks Sweeney. Rinaldo's a dink
  15. Starting off with hockey, big Jim Hughson fan. Chris Cuthbert and Gord Miller are up there as well. Also will give credit to Pat Foley, Rick Peckham, and Randy Hahn, as they are just good, even though they don't consistently do national broadcasts. Baseball, I do appreciate Joe Buck, and someone mentioned Jon Miller and he's even better than Buck. Soccer, really like Peter Drury, Jon Champion, Ian Darke, and for an American voice, John Strong. And now, just for total homer reasons, Sean Grande, Gil Santos, Mike Gorman, Andy Brickley, Dave Goucher, Dennis Eckersley, and Jack Edwards are also pretty good.