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  1. Except Nevada won the WAC not Boise State. No they didn't you idiot. This is just like the Big XII in 2008. Everyone focuses on "OMG LOLZ TEXAS BEAT OKLAHOMA!!!!111" but they forget that Texas Tech was also in the three way tie. Now everyone's like "OMG NO YOU'RE WRONG! NEVADA BEAT BOIZE!!!!!!11" when in reality, it was a 3-way tie between Nevada, Boise, and Hawai'i. Apparently I mispoke, so I retract my previous statement. In no way did I mean any disrespect to any WAC teams, co-champions and non-co-champions include or their fans. I feel I must apologize to "sizemorematters" since it seems my (grammatically correct and concise) 8 word post offended his delicate sensibilities to such an extent that he was forced to resort to slander. I aplogize, and I will never darken your towels again.
  2. Except Nevada won the WAC not Boise State.
  3. Normally, I believe that sporting events should be family friendly and that all spectators should conduct themselves with class and dignity. That being sad, I really want to see a loud, rowdy and possibly profane crowd in Cleveland Thursday night. I also hope that given his asinine remarks this week, Lebron is smart enough to not do any stupid gestures or actions, including his chalk thing. And no, I am not a Cavs fan, I do not have a basketball team since Clay Benenett moved the Sonics. On an unrelated note, being a Seahawks fan in Texas I have had no bad encounters seeing the Seahawks play in Dallas (x2) and Houston the past two years. The fans and staff at both stadiums were friendly, as a matter of fact during the 2008 Thanksgiving game a couple of Cowboy fans seated next to us bought my fiance and I beers.
  4. And with that the PR war begins. NFL is going with the "See, we don't want a work stoppage, we would loss money, we would have to refund your money, we are pals" This is designed to counteract the NFLPA's "we are working guy with a greedy boss, we are common folk like you." This is all just PR to try and make the fans turn against one side.
  5. And the headline we will be seeing some time in April/May....."NCAA investigators received money from SEC and BCS during Cam Newton Investigation." Headline two years from now "Cam Newton signs with Bengals, NFL still investigating assault/drug charges." Now time for the wildcard prediction Cam Newton will have more arrests in his NFL career then playoff wins. at time of writing edit: ESPN just stated that NCAA is still investigating, which means this was purely a BCS related reinstatment
  6. These kids should get paid. They're not even kids, they are college students and it's criminal that they don't get paid something (especially considering these schools and Athletic Directors make millions on their behalf). I'm a college student myself, and I have a job, so I like to get paid, hence the reason why I'm working for it. But, these collegiate athletes don't have a time for a job, so how are they suppose to pay for food, rent, or even just spending money (i.e. video games, cars, etc...)?? Even if they have a full-scholarship, that only covers the academic part of it, and housing in dorms. But, who wants to live in a dorm for that long? I sure as hell don't. Academic cheating is wrong, no way to put it differently. However, Cam Newton is not the first nor last high-profile collegiate athlete to be payed and to have cheated. But it is wrong to deny these kids some sort of income when the rest of their co-students have time for a job and so they'll make money. Cam Newton needs to be disciplined for cheating academically, but not for getting paid to play. We need to stop denying these collegiate athletes money when their respective sports are their jobs. It's criminal. The problem is the coaches and AD's make money, not the schools. Only 14 of the 120 FBS schools made money due to football, that means 88% of the programs lost money. The athletic departments are given subsides from the University, last on average of $8 million. $8 million spent on sports, in addition the to athletic departments normal budget. Notably last year TAMU recieved $18 million subside from the schools general funds to cover expenses. The average expense per athlete for an FBS school was $76K, FCS $24K, non-football DI schools $30K. While it could be argued that Title 9 plays apart in this, that would still not explain $52K difference between FBS and FCS athletes. So since the athletic departments can't foot the bill, the players don't get paid *only scholarships* who takes the check? The answer the non-athlete students, this would explain the national average tutition increase between 5-10% a year. The last FCS school to jump to FBS increased athletics fee by $900 per student per year, five years before the re-classification occurred and the fee has increased. No, it is not criminal, these athletes chose to be NCAA student-atheletes (that word is itself a joke), if they wanted to make money with no college and NCAA rules they could have easily tried out for their local arena/semi-pro/donkey football league and made $200 a game. However they wanted to play NCAA DI football so they could one day play in the NFL. I feel no sympathy for football player living in the athletic dorms (yes, they exist and they are nicer) while they have their 4 year tryout for the NFL. Sources: NCAA fiscal report by Dr. Dan Fulks, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, USA Today and SI
  7. Great the Cam Newton love fest continues, get's paid to play, has the BCS protecting him and now apparently the CBS announce team is going blow him as well. Seriously, the kid plagarized papers (more then once) got caught, went to Blinn, sought money to play, go a full scholarship and CBS is going to praise him? He is a cheat, nothing more. Anyone else have a feeling he is going to end up with a few "personal conduct" suspensions in his first years in the NFL? (and no I am not a 'Bama, Oregon, TCU or Boise St. fan, just a NCAA fan that is tired of hearing of these whiny kids trying to get more and going unpunished)
  8. Everyone in the college football community knows that the day after Auburn plays in the BCS NCG or the day after Auburn losses Cam "the Scam" Newton is going to be declared ineligible. I truly believe the BCS is playing apart in the NCAA investigation, as long as Auburn keeps winning and keeps Boise St/TCU out of #2, the BCS will keep the investigation "on going." This is also the reason Newton will not win the Heisman, eveyone voting for the Heisman knows he will be declared ineligible and the Trust will not want to deal with the fiasco that was the "Bush Heisman" earlier this year Having finished my BCS conspiracy rant, I move on to players violating NCAA rules. While I know the NFL/NFLPA no longer penalizes players for their college discretions, I think that needs to be re-instated in the CBA. Have a rule something along the line of having to re-pay the value of your scholarship to the school (general scholarship fund, not the athletic department). On more note on Newton, who is dumb enough to turn in a second plagarized paper to the same professor that caught you turning in the first plagarized paper.
  9. dmr


    I was trying to think of the last time an NFL game was color vs. color. I guess it would be a couple years ago if we count the Patriots silver alts. Maybe the 1994 throwbacks and a color vs color? (This games is like watching a 2008-2009 Seahawks game Mo Morris, Petterson, Burleson, Redding)
  10. That is right up there with Ted Turner asking/telling Atlanta Braves pitcher Andy Messersmith, who wore #17, to have the back of his jersey say "Channel" so it read "Channel 17" to promote TBS in the 70's Should just turn this thread in to stunt/promotional numbers. Are there any more? ~~the dmr~~
  11. I hope Nike can at least standardize their sizes unlike Reebok. Reebok sidlines hats I can fit an L/XL, the rest of their stretch-fits L/XL is to small. Reebok has also had horrible designs the past few years. I couldn't bring myself to buy the 2010 dual-brim Sidline hat, which means my streak of sidline hats last from 2002-2009. As for The Game, all of their hats I have tried have been way to small. Most of their hats I have seen were sized as "Fits Most" which apparently does not include my fat head. I have to say I am really impressed with Under Armor hats. Last year I bought a charcoal gray SHSU hat, wore it all spring, during the summer i switched hats an left it in the back of my car. I pulled it out yesterday to go to Homecoming, after 4 mths in the back window in summer in south texas, it was in near perfect condition. Neither the orange or charcoal had faded, the only problem was part of the elastic in the flex-fit got to hot and became really brittle and broke. ~~the dmr~~
  12. Are there any outside (Non-NFL / Non-NFLPA) issues that could affect the labor dispute? For example, if the Owners lockout the players could the Owners/NFL face pressure from other companies they have contracts with? Do the TV networks (FOX/CBS/NBC/ESPN/DirecTV), EA or Reebok have a voice in the dispute? Due there contracts with the NFL address issue of a possible labor stoppage? Could any of those companies file lawsuits againist the owners for lost income as a result of the lockout? Also, would the cities that own/operate the stadiums still be able to collect rent from the owners if a lockout occurs? ~~the dmr~~
  13. So how long until we see teams using languages other then english or spanish. Will we see a Mariners japanese (Kanji?) character on jerseys in the future? Maybe a german Brewers jersey? Some old archaic irish translation of the Celtics? ~~the dmr~~
  14. Most Seahawks in a Hall of Fame class, 2 (J.Rice and J.Randle) woohooo!!! Doubles the number of Seahawks in the Hall of Fame, now 4 (S. Largent, F. Harris, J. Rice, and J. Randle) I know, I know, only Largent and Randle were Seahawks for more then one season. ~~the dmr~~
  15. In wake of Bryce Harper's decision to leave high school. Add in the basketball player (to lazy to look up his name) who opted to go to Europe in lieu of completing high school, I make athletes, i mean students, leaving high school my most hated thing in sports. I feel that the states these students are in should take steps to prevent them from leaving high school. If the states are unwilling to enact legislation to prevent this, they should at least make the students and their parents subject to child truancy laws. I understand the kids has talent, but that should not make them or their parents above any truancy laws. Side Note: I would like to bring up personal experience dealing with truancy laws in Texas. I finished my Junior year of high school one class short of graduating, the class I needed to graduate was offered the second half of my Senior year. My senior year I had a job, so I got a work exception to only have three class periods instead of 5 for fall, in spring I petition the school board to allow to only have 2 class periods so I could enroll in 9 semester hours at the local college and to work full time. The school board ruled againist me, saying by the state of Texas I would be considered truant, and subject to truancy laws. The reasoning was that "any class in high school is more benefical then any college course" (direct quote Dr. Meinke, Killeen ISD School Board). If I can't miss high school to attend college, they should not be allowed to skip high school to play sports. ~~the dmr~~ p.s. my senior schedule was AP Chemistry, AP English and Home Ec (Home Ec >>> College Algebra??)