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  1. He’ll get a moment of silence at the first home game. I’m not certain, but a Yankee gets the the armband treatment only if their number is retired or if they have a plaque in Monument Park.
  2. That’s not a given. Although he has one of the most famous victories in Yankees history, he only was on the Yankees for 5 years during his 15 career, and was never an all-star. In contrast, Mel Stottlemyre, who received the honor last season, played his whole career with the Yankees, was an all-star 5 times, and was their best pitcher during a dark period for the Yankees. He is also responsible for being the pitching coach during the last great Yankee dynasty and has a plaque in Monument Park. There are a lot of people who were very good players on Yankee teams in the 1950s who did not receive armband recognition.
  3. 1956. McKeon managed the Missoula Timberjacks from 1956-1958. Jim Kaat was on his 1958 team.
  4. I doubt the Jets would wear the green pants during the preseason. If they can get away with only using one uniform set during the preseason (white on white), then it's a lot less work for the equipment staff.
  5. Colgate switches from Nike to Under Armour.
  6. You have them backwards. There are more regions in baseball than softball.
  7. They wore a modified home top on Saturday against Boston College, with 'CUSE instead of ORANGE
  8. It's almost as if they expected to become a Washington Nationals affiliate.
  9. Davidson makes the switch from Nike to Under Amour.
  10. They look the same to me. The only differences I see are the Steelers stripes are not as glossy, and the jersey cuts are different.
  11. No one can negotiate until the current affiliations end, but the leading candidates to end up in Las Vegas are the A's and the D'Backs.
  12. That's maroon, not navy. They have worn something similar in the past.
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