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  1. @celticsblog Overhyping Celtics fans always ends well.

  2. @TheSimms Sorry brah, gotta catch em all.


  4. @BleacherReport That face AND a Knick's jersey? Might as well join up at Castle Black.

  5. @BillSimmons Please uncle Bill show Danny the way

  6. @RicBucher Thank god. Ezeli needs to go home.

  7. @celticsblog We are taking Brown. It has been foretold.

  8. @DanHanzus Because my team is in the East. Do you root for the Patriots in the Super Bowl?

  9. RT @JaxsonDeVille: And the nominees for worst co-host are...@JJWatt...@JJWatt...& @JJWatt! #NoNeedToCastYourVote #CMTawards #SorryErin http…

  10. RT @BleacherReport: New playbooks are in https://t.co/RsZEq07VxQ

  11. RT @WORIDSTARHIPH0P: ?? https://t.co/OzVliBe8vY

  12. Steph Curry is joining Pot Roast in recruiting KD to the @celtics

  13. @Twins #FireTerryRyan

  14. @MTVBananas @boshycroms21 @MTVCoryWharton George Orwell did not prepare me for the passive aggressive Mecca that would be Twitter.

  15. @jaketapper @SenJohnMcCain @joniernst One of Iowa's most recent screwups was electing her.

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