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  1. Man, this is awesome. Really, really great job here. Wish the Jags would've taken the same steps and the Titans.... well. Great job, Miami!
  2. It almost feels like they were trying to go "traditional" as in COLLEGE traditional. Penn State, Alabama, USC even, etc. The teal jersey is more than fine, but the black is waaaay too boring. You'd need to make changes to the teal to tie in any changes to the black right? Just a number trim in black or gold. Pant stripes. Really would've helped. It's just a shame it sounds like the black is going to be the primary.
  3. As a VT fan, I'm pleasantly surprised. Could be better, but could be sooooo much worse. The end of the stripes is strange, and I'd like some on the pants, but I'm overall pretty satisfied.
  4. Okay, this is a really annoying question I'm sure, but I'm lazy and a quick google search isn't coming up with anything. We just got the Titans. Jags are the 19th, from what I can tell? Are we getting any other major changes this year? Browns might be making a few minor ones, but nothing big right?
  5. I don’t like the helmet at all. Don’t see why everyone is so into it. The navy body and silver face mask just looks incredibly amateur to me.
  6. Why are people being negative? Because they were making us wait for something we already knew was going to suck. Delaying the inevitable heartbreak. These are absolutely tragic. Look like horrible Nevada Wolfpack knock offs. Hard pass.
  7. That's actually something I didn't think about, so it does make me feel a little better. I'm sure it'll look different on the field and in the sun too, but that picture makes it look glaringly bad.
  8. Oh, I totally agree with that. I'm sure that's what they wanted. I just think it'd work better if it was a more subtle detail, even if some people did question what was going on.
  9. If they were dead set on the yoke being two different grays, they should've used a lighter version of the darker one. Make it subtle. What they did is... not good. Don't like the navy numbers either. Not optimistic at all.
  10. Absolutely love these. Modern and unique without being over the top. Wish they were the real deal.
  11. If they have grey pants with like navy/columbia and white stripes, I think I could be okay with that. Execution is everything, obviously, but that thought doesn't make me sick. Which naturally means it won't happen. But I'm a HUGE fan of the UT greys, so I would absolutely love something like that. Replace the orange with baby blue and that could be gorgeous.
  12. If the shoulder yokes were white instead of grey, I might not hate it. Looking at it right now, there are too many colors in too many random places. And the number font is just... ugh.
  13. Aw man, I hope not. I love those unis. Never wanted them to become more than a one time a year thing, but they're gorgeous.
  14. The only thing that's really bugging me is the spacing between the numbers. It seems a little too much.
  15. is that New Orleans Night logo real? it can't be real. it just can't be.
  16. i've actually come to really like the seahawks' uniforms for some strange reason. obviously, there are some parts that went a little too far, but i'm a big fan of the little details. it's a very fine line though, one that most don't seem to get right.
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