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  1. Indiana's unis for tonight at Minnesota. I love the block I but I wish they'd go with red pants with the white road jerseys.
  2. Indiana looks beautiful today. The satin finish with the two stripes and the script logo is absolute perfection.
  3. Today’s IU uniforms are just about perfect. Indiana Road unis at Penn State
  4. Indiana's helmets for this weekend's game against Georgia Southern. Very nice! https://mobile.twitter.com/Hoosier2Hoosier/status/909544520630587392/video/1
  5. https://twitter.com/adidasHoops/status/838796389047992326
  6. Northwestern doing GFGS against Wisconsin. Not bad looking though apart from the UA thigh straps. It'll be paired with a white helmet with the big wildcat logo.
  7. Indiana looked good even though I'm not a fan of monochrome unis. The chrome candy striped helmets are nice but IU's traditional red helmets are better. Maryland's "Grey Ops" or whatever looked ok except for the helmet. It just looked like a gray mess on their heads.
  8. Jonathan Moxon would have looked great in those unis.
  9. Ole Miss has such classic unis but they insist on changing them up. They could have looked so good last night if they had stuck with the gray pants but instead they just looked washed out and boring.
  10. Ugh, all signs are pointing to IU wearing these abominations, or at least the helmet, tonight at FIU. This is by far the worst look that IU has. The chrome on white is awful. I love the "Indiana" script on the helmet but when you can't even see it what's the point? Chrome on the crimson helmet would be better but getting rid of the chrome decals and numbers altogether is the best option. Actually, getting rid of Adidas altogether is the best option now that I think of it.
  11. Duke and Indiana look good in color on color. Except for Duke's helmets. I don't like them.
  12. Indiana looked stupid in the Old Oaken Bucket game. Adidas tried to get fancy again and it just looked cheap. The silver foil was terrible and barely visible, especially on the white helmet. If they wanted to go with the all white helmet they should have had either crimson Indiana script or the IU trident logo.
  13. The oars on the back and shoulders of Western Michigan's unis are beyond ridiculous. I'm all for motivational slogans and team mantras but when they are completely out of context with the team mascot and identity, it's just plain stupid.
  14. Especially when IU goes red-white-red. I've been waiting for them to bring this look back. I could do without the state flag logo on the one side of the helmet. I'd prefer the script Indiana that they've used recently. But all in all, it's a good look.
  15. There have been rumors that Indiana would have red pants in their wardrobe again this year. With this weekend being the first road game (at Wake Forest), I have to wonder if this will be the game where they are debuted. It was an awfully, awfully good look.