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  1. I love your work man, and these are fantastic. I agree the Heat maybe need a touch of yellow somewhere, and i know everyone here hates gradient but i think the MH logo flame could have a gradient with yellow and of course the flame on the ball in the primary center court logo too Hope you do every team
  2. Loving the Hawks, Blazers(slant wordmark) and Spurs. Can't wait to see what you can do for the Rockets, Suns and maybe even a Seattle Sonics? 90s throwbacks with a 70s throwback twist!! Love it!
  3. I've been screaming for it since we changed. Not even the players in 96 were happy about it. Right now i'm so fed up with this current brand that was tailor made for Yao Rockets. I have no idea what is going on anymore....what a miserable way to end the season and knowing the Rockets aren't doing anything about this loser brand they currently have. It's going to be 15 years of so many disappointing and heartbreaking seasons. Still no signs of change. Leslie Alexander going to the grave with this brand. The only real Houston Rockets are the red and gold Rockets in my eyes. I'm tired of this wannabe impostor team in their place right now.
  4. Sorry if this is answered, but does that image mean the Cavs and Clippers are already getting new home and away uniforms next year?
  5. Don't the Sonics still have their history in Seattle? It's shared with OKC but if a team ever comes back to Seattle, the Sonics will get their history back. Correct me if I'm wrong. Someone in this thread earlier mentioned how Houston retired the Oilers and chose to have a new brand. That's absolutely not true. Bud kept the Oilers history and name in Tennessee and Bob wouldn't have been able to use it even if he wanted to. Damn well know all of Houston would have voted for a return of the Oilers and demanded it had Bob McNair had the rights to use it even if Bob might have preferred his own team and legacy.
  6. As a Rockets fan, i would never want my Rockets to go into Seattle to play any team other than the SUPERSONICS. Miss those battles even though they usually kicked our ass (illegal defense). Thanks for choking back to back years in the first round so we didn't have to face yall. BACK TO BACK CHAMPS. Anyway, i hope they come back soon and New Orleans moves EAST. I really like these concepts by Berlin Wall, and even though some might say the skyline logo is more nostalgia than anything, i dig that they won their championship in it and feel it's absolutely necessary to bring it back in a modernized update. Much like the Rockets, changing brand after back to back titles was nothing but bad luck, same goes for the Sonics after changing and making it to the Finals in the first year of that brand but all downhill from there.
  7. Love it! Come on Rockets! Your move! PLEASE do something. I'll take even a subtle change at this point but prefer a full rebrand.
  8. Bleh. Should have gone with a dark gray as the outline and wolf color, or even black. Gray for the moon would have made even more sense.
  9. It sure can't hurt to have it! Thanks a lot Conrad! Really appreciate it!
  10. Very sorry to post this in here, but i didn't want to make a bigger mistake and create a thread in the wrong section. Does anyone here happen to have the color codes for the Minneapolis Lakers? I came across some Nike Air Zoom Hurache 2K4 MPLS laser PE in the trash in pretty damn decent condition(including a pair of LeBron 20-5-5 worse condition) but i want to restore it as best i can with the closest matching paints. Will any white and baby blue do? This is the shoe i'm talking about(not my photo).
  11. Thanks PepMan! That's definitely an upgrade, but i wonder if it would have been better to go with white lines instead of black. Oh well, i'll take it! Hopefully this really does happen and it's not just for the practice court and hopefully the Rockets are working on new uniforms for 2017.
  12. Hey PepMan, can we get one of your awesome court layouts with the new Rockets design please?
  13. That would be a very, very welcome update to the home floor! I've been asking for that deeper colored Red on the floor for years. Next great thing would be adding a touch of yellow gold here and there. That would really help it "pop." edit: Not sure how i feel about the black lines while keeping the wordmark just plain white. Either make the lines white, or outline the wordmark in black like it used to be.
  14. I actually really like all of this. Yes, those stripes would look better if they connected, but it's not that bad. I agree JAZZ with utah above it should have been on every uniform. That sleeved uniform is great, and it has the look of something a fan would wear. It looks like a soccer uniform and that's what i expected ever since Adidas said they were doing sleeved uniforms, but failed to execute on til now. The one thing that bothers me with the alternate pride uniform is the 2 logos. Should have made the logo on the shorts just the ball or the JAZZ wordmark. 2 of the same on the chest and shorts really bothers me.
  15. With all of the player chemistry issues. With all of the hate toward Morey and analytics and firing McHale. With all the hate Harden gets for his style of play and lack of defense. With all the hate Dwight Howard gets for being Dwight Howard. Being one of the most hated teams in the league and now on our way to being swept in the first round after only a .500 win season after having just been in the WCF. Has there ever been a more perfect opportunity for the Houston Rockets to rebrand? It's been 13 years of underachieving. 13 years of big names such as Steven Francis, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Ron Artest, Kyle Lowry, James Harden, Dwight Howard. Nothing to show for it. It's time to put this brand out of its misery. You have a realistic chance at having a new GM, a new coach, and having only James Harden as the only player under contract to build around with a great free agency class. This is the time to release a new brand and go into the 2016-2017 season with a fresh start. Is there no hope? Is that 1 year notice rule still a thing? Didn't the Clippers rebrand in 1 summer? I feel like several teams have. Is it at all possible or would Rockets fans at minimum have to wait another season?
  16. I love the look of the Rocket and the flames, but i'm not sure "H" for the city name should be used as a primary logo. It looks like a fantastic secondary logo though. "R" for Rockets need to be the primary. If you could incorporate the rocket taking off from bottom right to the middle left of the R, maybe that could work? Or you could keep as is and try and make the lower case h stand out in the R like the current primary "R" logo.
  17. These are great, can't wait to see what you do for the Rockets and Magic.
  18. These are awesome! Either one of those last 2 would be some of my fave floors in the league. I remember you did an all white Houston Rockets floor which i absolutely loved and i am wondering if you can take that same all white floor with red logo and try and implement the shoulder or shorts loops on the Rockets uniforms inside the painted area. Anything you do is better than the plain and boring current Rockets floor! Another idea is to use the 2 tone floor to show smoke of the Rocket at center court lifting off. So much like the late 90s except modernized with only a different tone floor like Cleveland used to show their skyline.
  19. Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Ugh, this is what the NBA needs. Beautiful colors. Only thing is that i'd remove the secondary logo from the floor. Not sure if it is allowed, but on the road and alternate, why not try the name on back in color outlined in white to match the uniform? Does the NBA not allow it due to ineligibility?
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