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  1. Could you try a Rockets based on their current logo and fonts? I think the Rockets are the most retro looking of the set. Maybe it's just the logos or fonts. Maybe it is just me because i am too picky when it comes to my home team.
  2. I'm not feeling the western like font and #s. Doesn't go well with cool colors. The wordmark on the chest is too big as well.
  3. With the Magic, you need to make the star line up with the side panel instead of overlapping.
  4. I dig it, thank you sir! You see the new Hornets court?
  5. Wow! LOVE the Spurs and Sixers in those colors! The Nba needs those to happen. The league is so dull and boring right now as far as overal brands look. Spurs could have fresh start after DROB, Duncan era is officially over. Love the Rockets sidelines, but maybe the logo with the shark faced rocket is too retro to really look modern. How about doing it in colors from this awesome cap i love
  6. LOVE Fiesta color Spurs. I like the second one best if both keys were teal. Modernized late 90s Rockets look? Iverson era in traditional sixers colors?
  7. Match the set to the very sexy court made by PepMan33Conde:
  8. Can you make a classic Houston Rockets court on dark wood, a bit darker than Brooklyns floor. Red in the paint and sidelines one version with gold lines and gold in the logo and another version with a more neon yellow like this http://oi41.tinypic.com/1z81w5.jpg
  9. Has a cool throwback feel to the San Diego Rockets mixed with the Houston Rockets classic. I like it. Though i do feel the Rocket could be improved. Bit too cartoony IMO.
  10. I'm absolutely in love with the logos and court. Beautiful. Something isn't hitting for me with the jerseys though. Perhaps too retro looking with the side panel only on the shorts? Perhaps go to a more true gold look like the SF 49'ers look maybe? Or perhaps just limit the use of the yellow? I do remember many fans complaints about our current alternate jerseys using too much yellow and that they missed the mark when we wanted our retro colors back. Yellow to be used as only a highlight is what fans seem to want from clutchfans.net Have you ever thought about using two tones of red? Much like the Mavericks use their dark and light blue highlighted by silver? Perhaps it will help it "POP" more?
  11. Yeah, only the shorts had the side panels. i believe those were 71/72 season IIRC. The uniforms used prior to the championship days as well I prefer the no side panel look myself. Maybe an alt. with a side panel though. Oh and i love drop shadow on those 71-72 jerseys. They are pretty much the same as the Lakers 72 jerseys which are some of my favorite of all time.
  12. This look would give them a different feel from your Hawks concept.
  13. Cavs look amazing! Much better than their current set. Though, i'm a fan of having the alternates be a completely different style instead of the same jersey/different colors. An alternate based on a different retro jersey would be better IMO. I prefer Mavs current look to yours. The current colors just pop! There is no need to go retro when their success has been with the current colors(a retro alternate is all they need). ....The Houston Rockets on the other hand..You don't win back to back championships with a brand you had for nearly 30 years and then make a radical change. That's why Houston fans beg for the retro look and not so much with Dallas. They would end up begging to return to the Dirk championship days. If you do a Rockets update. I personally crave a modernized retro look, but ill tell you this, our owner Les Alexander is all about flash and superstars, etc. He's not a fan of the retro look or red and yellow/gold colors. I think if he decides we need an update, hes just going to update the uniforms without revamping the entire brand. A retro like jersey as an alternate will be released to please the fans. That's just my opinion based on Alexanders past. He thought he was building a unique and futuristic brand with Dream, Drexler, & then Barkley and Pippen. Then again with Yao and Francis and Yao and T-mac. Now with D12 and Harden and Parsons+ potentially Melo or Love, he's going to try the unique and futuristic look again. Problem is that the look is outdated and ugly after a decade if you don't win championships. "When the owners of the Rockets made the decision to commission the new uniforms and logo, they wanted a look that would be revolutionary—something that would set a new standard in professional sports design. So they searched for a designer from outside the traditional sports graphic branding houses." http://alfalfastudio.com/projects/houston-rockets/
  14. These are outstanding. Can't wait to see a retro-modern look of the Houston Rockets!
  15. I actually made three. First is obviously, a recolor of the team's colors which emphasizes more on a Yellow/White scheme with red baseline. Second is a take on their classic logo, which apparently has the Yellow/Red color scheme in it. Can you do something with a 3D logo for the Rockets? http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img94/8703/vlcsnap2012120722h20m21.png Maybe just the actual rocket part with flames coming out and smoke down to the baseline like their 90s court. Also what about a modern space theme with stars and maybe red galaxy(i just googled red galaxy and you get all sorts of sweet looking options for use in the baseline)
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