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  1. What happened to that moratorium on Canucks discussion? As an orca hater, I am absolutely fine with the current set now that they’ve dropped the script. While I’m no fan of the logo, the uniforms actually look respectable now and the reason I don’t want to see anymore change is because they’ve got the striping and colours perfect, and any time they mess around with the uniforms they run the risk of downgrading them.
  2. I think Abbotsford already proved it isn't too keen on supporting a Flames affiliate.
  3. That’s awesome. White hats not so much, but if I were a Predators fan, this is exactly what I’d want in a fauxback.
  4. Eh. I'd like to see them incorporate the gold in lieu of the silver, and maybe go for a black base with red striping rather than the inverse. Much like I have zero qualms with the Oilers going to orange full time, nearly half the Canadian teams wear red, along with a third of the NHL. I have no qualms with the Senators stepping and being the black team. Especially when you consider they wore black during their best looking years.
  5. Gold is the only colour pants the Saints need.
  6. Are we still on about the Canucks name change? Jesus. The uniform discussion was menial enough, this is just insipid. The Canucks have one of the better nicknames in pro sport, and absolutely NOBODY, at least nobody with a modicum of interest in the team, wants it changed. You can talk about how its hard to make a lasting logo with the name, but changing it is just cutting off your nose to spite your face. That's it. That's the end of discussion on the name. There is zero benefit in changing it. You can talk about the logos some more (but at this point, why would you want to?), but stop with the name change talk.
  7. They look fine here. A couple tweaks are in order but overall its a solid design. They look absolutely horrible on tv though. Through the camera the green absolutely bleeds into the blue and its just a dark mess save for the logo, numbers and collar, which are almost entirely white. It needs some in the striping for both contrast and balance. The 'V's in the stripes would be cool to see again. Also its pretty stupid that they made custom pant covers for these uniforms and the only thing they did was take away the stripes. Why bother at that point. The original pants these uniforms are based off had stripes.
  8. I don't know if this really counts, but it seems like they don't really sell San Francisco Giants jerseys with a number but no NOB unless you buy the full authentic on- field version. The replicas they sell come with NOB despite the fact that the team doesn't have them.
  9. Honestly now that they fixed that atrocious helmet I think all their options with the whites look pretty good.
  10. Did not know that. Good eye.
  11. Its 'unnecessary' yeah but it's not a bad move at all. If you're going to be the two-blue team, own it. As for the Kings, the silver cuff is a massive upgrade, especially on the road. Those uniforms do not showcase the silver very much at all so adding it wherever you can helps.
  12. Or they could come up with something original. They'd be a new team, not beholden to anything. Maybe they'd even follow the Predators' lead and go primary gold. Aside from alternates nobody really 'owns' the colour in the major leagues and I'd imagine its built up a fair amount of favour in Tennessee by this point. Even if its not that, the last thing I'd like to see is another blue and red team.
  13. I think it looks great, much like the Kings adding silver to the top bands. I'd like to see more teams do it.
  14. The Ravens are particularly egregious thanks to the drop shadow.