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  1. The Rams stunningly popular rebrand comes to mind.
  2. A perfect microcosm of the season.
  3. I'm not overly fond of something as gimmicky as a gradient taking centre stage on the main jerseys. It works well as a fun-alt, but that's it. Especially on a team that's historically had a visual identity crisis like Vancouver, keeping the classic blue and green is the best bet.
  4. They were willing to give him the most money in a down cap year, so he can hopefully sign a bigger longer term deal when the cap goes up again.
  5. A black or gold or black and gold outline on the numbers would go a long way.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's the same shade used on the regular uniforms, it just pops more on the darker blue. I do really like the dark navy/light green combo, I think it works well.
  7. You don't think they'd sell a :censored:ton of merchandise after building up more hype? Especially when theres no need to rush out the new identity with no season immediately on the horizon.
  8. Perhaps to draw out some hype and attention around a team in a wilting league that cant even play games at the moment.
  9. Agreed. As someone who is still an Orca hater I was blown away by how much the look improved by dropping the wordmark.
  10. Their shoulder patch actually works really well as a primary crest too.
  11. I do think lighting and context make a big difference. I was in a sports merch shop the other day and I thought the 281c on away jerseys "popped" just fine. The other thing to keep in mind is that with a team like the Leafs the only colours they're wearing are Blue and White, so on the aways I think the white should really be taking focus and the blue simply acting as ballast. Its the other half of their scheme afterall, its not quite a supporting colour like it is for many other teams. The Lightning have black and silver to add weight so a lighter electric blue makes sense. The Canucks have a fairly vibrant green so the medium blue contrasts well with it. With the leafs white is as important as blue.
  12. Yeah it really feels like the perfect matchup of opposites, the hot coloured team vs the cool coloured one.
  13. I'm not sure if this is unpopular or not but considering the amount of concepts I see with it on here it may be: Black does not belong anywhere on the 49ers uniforms in any place but the logo outlines. It totally screws up the otherwise perfect colour balance and muddies an incredible look. For some reason people act like this isnt BFBS.