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  1. Its weird, I actually think the Capitals striping pattern brought in by reebok works better on a football jersey than it does on a hockey one.
  2. That does look great. I'm looking forward to seeing how the other crests are effected.
  3. And raw chicken is a more appetizing dish than fecal matter, that still doesn't make it palatable. Putting it in all Caps with an emoji like a sassy twitter clapback definitely gives your point credence though.
  4. Not a fan. Guardians sounds very bland, it sounds like an opponent from a mediocre sports movie. Also I suspect it was only chosen because it's phonetically similar to "Indians". Which seems dumb to me, if you're going to change the name don't cling to it and hint at it as closely as possible. That's the same reason I wouldn't want the (Washington Football Team) renamed to Redwolves or Redtails or whatever. If you're going to distance yourself from the name, actually distance yourself.
  5. Apparently this is the new Canucks AHL team brand. Why using an old logo and the same name required the date to be pushed back is beyond me.
  6. As a whole the jersey is nice, but I'm really not a fan of the addition of gold. It makes it look like a Hitmen or Cougars jersey. They should have just stuck with silver.
  7. Canucks sent out that the identity of their farm team will be announced July 9th, hinting that they'll be wearing green.
  8. I don't understand the sentiment that this will somehow destroy the league's aesthetics. Nothing is stopping that already. Teams put out bad looks all the time. Having the option for an accurate throwback or a different helmet for your alternate changes nothing.
  9. I deliberately didn't include the NBA, but we'll see. Lol yeah and lets ask my local junior B hockey club while we're at it.
  10. I do think there is a difference between a helmet logo and a sweater logo. A helmet is a definitively secondary piece of equipment. A jersey is the emblematic of the team/sport. Its the hockey equivalent of a football player's helmet or baseball player's cap. In regards to ads being plastered all over european teams uniforms, I honestly don't think thats a real comparable. They treat uniforms with a lot less reverence in there than in North America, its a different culture. Not only are they far more likely to embrace ads on the uniform (I have British friends who get excited when a cool company/logo graces their team's soccer kits) but the uniforms themselves don't seem as important. You've got teams 100+ year old teams like Chelsea that change it up all the time, as long as its blue it doesn't matter. Its a yearly thing. Meanwhile the Bruins change their socks from gold to black and a bunch of people get irate about it. Colorado changes their secondary equipment colour and it sparks endless debate. This isn't just a thing for sports logos weirdos like us, either. I've seen Maple Leafs fans argue in circles about whether they should have one hem stripe or two. To a lot of people sticking a logo on the Montreal Canadiens or Chicago Blackhawks sweaters is nothing short of sacrilege. I do believe the NHL will go ahead with it and I do believe its whats in the best interest of their bottom line. And I don't believe it will cause people to stop watching, but I also think they'll see a very large drop in jersey sales if they start sticking ads on them.
  11. Its an ok logo, but honestly it just looks to me like John Deere was acquired by Browning, or vice-versa.
  12. I never said it was only good for sausage or burgers, I'm saying if you don't like that distinctive gamey taste but want to eat venison, those are better options than a straight slab of meat.
  13. It has a distinct, more "wild" flavour. It's gamey.
  14. Elk is venison. It is tasty but does often have a strong gamey taste. This is mitigated by eating it in the form of things like chili or sausage as opposed to just a straight steak.
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