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  1. No what they’ve got now are pretty much perfect.
  2. It would still be pretty tame as far as bad sonic characters go. That’s a world you don’t want to peer into.
  3. So you think NYI should have kept the Fishsticks, Buffalo should have kept the Buffaslug, and Ottawa should keep the awkward 2.5D Centurion to turn them into classics? Ugly logos are ugly. Time doesn't change that. Colorado's concept is fine, again it just needs updating to make it look current, like the other "classic" logos I mentioned. The whale is a fundamentally stupid concept, even if it weren't done in a dated style. The Orca has been worn for longer than any other Canucks logo and most fans still don't accept it as "classic". Time alone can't beat bad design. The only cases where an ugly logo ever becomes "untouchable" are when they're worn by literal dynasties, like the Isles and Oilers. Even then I think if the Islanders hadn't gone to the other extreme with the Fishermen jerseys and introduced something a little more elegant it would be well received.
  4. Colorado's logo is great in concept (Unlike the whale) but looks extremely dated now. It's in need of a refresh a la the Bruins or Maple Leafs.
  5. And those other logos have been put by the wayside already. “It’s not as bad as some other logos that were made at the same time” isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.
  6. I like how the Argyle pattern on Vancouver’s kits meshes with the crest.
  7. The Seahawks logo does the style right imo. If the Canucks wanted to use that style for their logo it would make a better example. It references indigenous art but is not overtly using it. The Coast Salish/Haida/Whatever art style looks good, but it’s far too intricate to just use whole hog for a logo. The Seahawks have a simple, well balanced logo that conveys dynamism and hints at the style without being awkward, clunky and overly convoluted like the Orca.
  8. Weird. Red is their quaternary colour. It’s so minimal. It’s a big mistake for a team called the Golden Knights not to go with gold for their third jersey.
  9. The lack of green is only half the problem with the orcas colours. There’s also the fact that it uses a navy so dark it’s essentially black, and on the home jerseys the only presence of royal is a single blue outline sandwiched between silver. It’s just not even using the same colour scheme.
  10. I agree, I’m just saying the debate will never end. There’s always going to be someone who wants something else. As much as I hate the orca I don’t want them touching the uniforms because the colours and striping are perfect and I’m sure they’d invariably screw it up somehow.
  11. Unfortunately I don’t think any moving on will happen. The Canucks could change to whatever and there will still be people upset. The second there’s a whisper about possible changes the debate will fire up again, and rage until the end of time.
  12. This is where the problem is. Every sports team can in theory have anything for a logo. But the orca is bad (apart from how poorly designed it is) because it misrepresents the name. The amount of tourists who think a Canuck is a slang term for whale is surprising. This is the problem with a nickname that’s kind of vague like “Canucks”. You can have a literal representation like Johnny Canuck which represents the names etymological origins and the significance of the forestry industry to BC, or you can have a more symbolic and vague logo that doesn’t inherently tie into the name but doesn’t skew it either, like the skate, stick-in-rink, interlocking VC, or whatever else. But having something like an orca just feels entirely misplaced. Plenty of things represent Vancouver, that doesn’t mean plenty of things make sense as a Canucks logo. For comparison, you could make plenty of logos to fit “New England Patriots”, but a minuteman fits. A lobster doesn’t, even though lobsters are symbolic of New England. It misrepresents the name. The New Orleans Saints cover the other side of that, the Fleur de Lis represents New Orleans, but doesn’t misrepresent the name Saints. A Gator coiled into the shape of an ‘S’ would. Honestly the more I think about it and the more info we get the more I’m starting to think the only change we’re going to see is an updated collar. Chicago is getting new jerseys as well and nobody suspects they’re doing anything but fix the toilet seat collars.
  13. You’re thinking of the millionaires, they always had the rights to Johnny Canuck.
  14. I remain convinced that the reason the script was added, and that it was changed to “Vancouver” instead of keeping the original “Canucks” was with the intention of selling more merch during the olympics. Along with the rest of the jersey’s design.