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  1. Idk, I just don't like it. As generic as the current red black and silver is, its much less garish without purple.
  2. Just needs some red pants for balance imo.
  3. Seahawks are great, though I have to admit I'm not a fan of dropping white entirely.
  4. The Seahawk Blue just looked like denim to me. Not a huge fan.
  5. The problem with the Seahawks uniform isn't that the look itself is fatally flawed, its that there are so many little details that bring it down. The tiretrack on the helmet, the off placed word mark, the chest stripes, the way the pattern is implemented on the shoulder looking like it was designed as a pedestal for the nike mark, the goofy collar, you fix most of these and the look is fine, but all of them add up to make me dislike it.
  6. I don't see how the occasional use of alternate sweater that utilizes the exact same colour scheme/pattern you've always worn damages the brand that badly, but people complain about sillier things.
  7. On the one hand if you've had the most successful era in the history of your league wearing a certain uniform, it makes sense to not want to change it much. On the other, if your franchise player just left and it looks like you could be turning a page as a team (and the uniform is terrible) it makes sense to make a change. I hope the Patriots stay navy and silver heavy, but with a better actual uniform and a little bit more red as trim.
  8. Did you skip the latter half of my post?
  9. Because the NHL only has 31 teams discussion can rotate through and they happen to be the only one to add 4 new jerseys this year. Heads up, when Seattle eventually unveils their look the reason discussion will always float back to them after is because they're the shiny new team.
  10. Not all side panels are made equally.
  11. Ehh. Maybe if you changed the red to green. We don't need another colour scheme in the rotation for the Canucks. Least of all the most generic one possible. It should be this. Home and road stay the same, this included in the rotation, and a third that incorporates green more heavily and Johnny Canuck in some capacity. That would hopefully, finally satisfy nearly the entirety of the franchise on every side of whats become an extremely divisive issue. You maintain the current look with its superior colours and striping while appeasing the people clamouring for Johnny Canuck and satisfy the ones blinded by nostalgia who insist on the skate. I understand the Canucks have worked themselves into a position that they will never make everyone happy uniform wise, but the addition of a heritage jersey slot gives them the opportunity to make a compromise that will leave the vast majority satisfied.
  12. With the toilet paper shortage this is must be a godsend.
  13. Maybe my eyes are off but that looks nowhere near purple.
  14. I like them because they're like the current look only not terrible.
  15. I don't like it in the stripe because it looks like its highlighting the logo. Similar to how the Seahawks sleeves seem like a pedestal for the nike swoosh. If its on the cuff of the pants it looks just there and not really thought about.