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  1. I don't really have an issue with the Kings sets. I find them kind of bland, but a hem stripe on the homes, a shoulder patch and getting rid of the pit stains would go a long way. Ideally they'd use a logo that isn't the home plate too. I think the Kings should stay in silver and black too, but since they're not using purple anymore I'd like someone in the NHL to step up and adopt it. As much as I like the Seattle uniforms, I thought that was the perfect opportunity
  2. I like the Oilers in orange. I like their current set. I understand why people prefer the old royal blue jerseys, but we have enough teams in that colour, it adds some differentiation and also distinguishes the current team from the 80s Oilers
  3. Not to mention 'Voyageurs' invokes the spirit of the uncharted wilderness theme without being as awful as 'Wild'
  4. Is Minnesota known for being particularly rugged wilderness? All I know about it are the Twin Cities, lots of lakes, and that its directly south of Manitoba, so I picture prairie rather than dense woods.
  5. Northern Lights is awful and I suspect people only like it because its reminiscent of North Stars.
  6. I'd say they aren't. "Avalanche" is incredibly specific and a terrible name. "Stars" is vague but a good name. Theres plenty of in between.
  7. Thats not an issue of the name being vague, thats an issue of the name being bad. If you have a strong direction you know what you're doing it still lets you form a great identity because it allows for more creativity, hence Wild. I don't think I've met a single person who says they don't have a great look, but also are widely considered to have one of, if not the worst name in the big 4.
  8. I'd say that unless your nickname is incredibly specific and iron clad, its better to be somewhat vague for the sake of branding as it gives you a lot more leeway. The newly minted Kraken is a perfect example.
  9. I actually quite like this idea, it really fits well for Minnesota, ties into the old identity and just plain sounds better than "Wild". Unfortunately I don't think it could work for 2 reasons. First I think any new team name that could be perceived as singling out an ethnic group in any capacity is just straight up off the table now. Second, it's a direct English translation of 'Nordiques', which I could see causing some kind of kerfuffle in regards to copyright and the endless cries from Quebec about getting a team back. Regardless of if you think those are valid reasons not, I think they're enough to remove those for consideration should for some unlikely reason Minnesota decide to rename the team.
  10. What would they change it to though, and what would be the impetus to change it? The only scenario I can possibly see causing them to change it would be going back to North Stars if for some reason Dallas moved or was no longer called the Stars. And thats unlikely. I can't see some spur of the moment groundswell to change the team name happening in Minnesota.
  11. I think its more a case that they've made peace with it than they don't mind it. After losing the North Stars I'm sure the older fans are just happy they have a team back and the younger ones grew up with it so its all they've really known.
  12. I like it, the sleeves really give that gradual abyssal depth feel. Maybe add a smaller recreation of the pattern on the hem? Not as thick as on the sleeves of course, but I think it would look great descending onto navy blue pants.
  13. Sky blue is a light blue. Teal is a blue with a greenish tint. Or a green with a bluish tint, depending on your perspective. The gold/yellow debate is entirely semantic because unless you're using a shade thats nowhere close to yellow a la NO/SF, people will still refer to it as yellow.
  14. I collect hats for one. So if I see one I like I want to add it to my collection. For most sports I don't have a pure favourite. I basically have a ranking from "like very much" to "strongly dislike". The teams toward the like very much end I'm not opposed to buying gear for, the teams towards the strongly dislike end I won't. There is typically one team I like more than the rest, but not enough to exclude myself from buying a hat I like or whatever. The exception is the NHL. I like the Canucks and every other team can rot. I dislike some teams more than others, but the Canucks are my only team. I'll buy Canucks merch and thats it. (Though I would be lying if I said I didn't have some memorabilia from teams that don't exist anymore simply for being a hockey/logo fan).