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  1. I get where you're coming from with the Moose Jaw logo, trying to keep it in line with the Warriors, but I think the shape looks really wonky and clip-arty in its current iteration. I do like the Jersey itself though. Prince Albert is fantastic. It screams "Saskatchewan". I love the multitoned greens with the cream yoke. And I really love the cream helmets. I'd never considered something like that before but it totally works in a concept like this. My only critiques would be keeping the entire yoke cream IMO would help with the colour balance, or perhaps more frequent patches of intermittent beveling between white and cream, if that makes sense. Maybe reverse it from the numbers down? In addition I think the away jerseys could use a little cream as well, just as trim. Also, I like the idea of the beveled numbers, but I think they'd look better with a font thats less "squat", for lack of a better term.
  2. This is where we disagree. I think the artwork of the comic is as much, if not the most important aspect of it. If it were a novel and you liked the cover art sure, but the distinguishing feature of comics is the art.
  3. So buying a painting you like is just buying it for the branding?
  4. To me saying buying a comic book because of the art is buying it for the "branding" is the equivalent of saying buying a soft drink for the taste as opposed to the packaging or a sweater for the comfort as opposed to the design is buying it for the "branding". The "branding" of a comic book is the art, the typeface, etc. And since those are the features that distinguish comic books from other media I would argue you can't separate the branding from the consumption of the product itself in the same way you can with things like a soft drink because you like the label. And since the entire point of this site is aesthetics, the delineation between a product sold for its aesthetic appeal and its "branding" is next to impossible to tell.
  5. I'm not sure if comics really count, as the art is arguably the biggest part of the product, not really the "branding".
  6. Not strictly uniform related but this is the first year within memory that I've actually liked the crop of draft hats the NFL released. They're not the greatest designs ever but they're light-years better than any draft hats they've had for close to a decade
  7. Keep it, the shape of the crest actually works really well with the Arrowhead, and while MLS is still number 5 out of the big 4, it is a KC team. Plus otherwise you'd only have two teams to mashup.
  8. Once again these are all great concepts. My only critique is that while I'm not opposed to switching Victoria to purple, I think they'd look better with a different secondary colour than lavender. IMO there isn't enough differentiation between the two shades of purple to pull it off like you could with a two tone blue or green. Also double purple does create a very 'soft'(for lack of a better term) effect. I'm certainly not one of those people who thinks teams need to have the edgiest, most aggressive identity out there, but dark purple and lavender, coupled with the Empress pattern (which as a native Victorian I think is fantastic, well done) reminds me more of a sweater my grandmother would wear to tea rather than a young man in his hockey game.
  9. On the topic of unpopular opinions about the Cowboys, they should wear blue at home. I know tradition and all that and blah blah but I think their blue set is a lot stronger than their white and yet its never worn.
  10. I'm expecting to see a lot of WRs wearing number 1 now. I don't know about that. If anything they might be in favour of it because it gives them an opportunity to sell the same jersey again, the ones with the old number would likely just go on sale like when a player is traded.
  11. Whole foods is a bit out of my price range at the moment, and 7-11 doesn't seem to have the same market saturation it does elsewhere, its just one player in a sea of many. I see just as many Circle Ks, On-The-Runs, etc. I'm not typically someone who buys water anyway. I usually fill up my bottle at home and lug it around with me. Its both environmentally better and cheaper too. On the off chance I do buy water though I do admit I prefer bottles because they're resealable. Its rare that I sit down and chug the entire thing in one sitting, I like to sip as I go.
  12. Yeah I'm not arguing the sense, its just that I never see it where I live. I see it in bottles (plastic or aluminum) and even those squishy drink packs, but in cans I can't recall the last time I saw it.
  13. It seems a little excessive for water. It would be intense on an energy drink. Thats something I'd expect on a 70% whiskey from some hipster distillery. Also maybe this just isn't common where I live but its weird to me to see water in cans outside some emergency preparedness kit.
  14. My opinion, and this is an overarching one with few exceptions as far as sports teams branding goes, but I think that if you have an option on the colour of a piece of equipment, it should be in your colour scheme. There are very few exceptions in my my mind. Do the 49ers look alright with a grey mask? Yes. Its ultimately not that significant a part of the uniform. But I think they'd look better with red. This goes for shoes, gloves, armsleeves, socks in basketball, etc.
  15. You can freeze your coffee. I don't know how much space is in your freezer but it should save you a few trips to the store.
  16. There's a brewery up here that makes fantastic, but admittedly expensive beer. I only tried them in the first place because I think they have great branding, which I guess works. I think they have an excellent logo, but I enjoy the memeworthiness of their products. Here's some examples.
  17. If you have an issue with Vegas being successful right away, you can take heart in the knowledge that the way the team is run is likely not going to be very sustainable long team. The team branded itself as "the golden misfits" and as a bunch of cast off underdogs giving the league a bloody nose for exposing them. Now they've completely turned their back on that and are simping after every single big name free agent and trade bait player that they get a whiff of, and for my two cents I don't think a team constantly churning over its players to have the shiny, expensive new object is built for long term success.
  18. I don't mind the fonts. It adds a level of continuity between the banners from the different eras. Also I the Agency font (or whatever it is) appears thicker and blockier on those banners than it does on the jerseys, and I think its an improvement.
  19. I like what I'm seeing so far, no real critiques. Looking forward to what comes next.
  20. Yeah I was just rattling off teams off the top of my head with particularly vibrant colour schemes lacking black, I forgot the Vikings actually had a black mask. I do think a purple mask would be better though.
  21. Every team wears white to some degree, not every team wears grey. Its not neutral. It's a decided part of the team's identity. Try to tell me grey/silver isn't an integral part of the Lions or Cowboys looks. It's like black. In the strictest sense its "neutral" but that doesn't mean it isn't affecting the expression of a team's uniforms. Would the Packers or Vikings or Dolphins look right with a black facemask? No. Also grey facemasks rarely look good anyway in my personal opinion. It looks okay on a grey heavy team like the Giants due to their colour balance, but something about the grey facemasks look cheap to me. It reminds me of unpainted models or hardware or something of that ilk, which is why I think its offputting on a team without grey in their colourscheme.
  22. If Grey isn't part of your colour scheme, it doesn't look good as your facemask.
  23. I don't want another Silver helmet/Silver pants team. Its a good look, and its better than Seattle's current look yes, but if they update I'd like something else.