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  1. The designs look good but nike should have kept the original shades of red and gold.
  2. The team colors are a combination of the multiple colors they used in their short history. The feather logo would be the alternate and the B would be the primary logo.
  3. Ya, but they would look ugly. Being different isn't always the best way to go. i think gold helmets would look great. These helmets that dont exist would have a faint treasure map drawn all over it, maybe in another shade of gold.
  4. Chrome gold helmets would give the bucs an identity unmistakable throughout the league
  5. In my opinion, the new uniforms the Buccaneers unveiled are the worst in the league. Just wanted to show what direction I would have gone with the uniforms. I understand this is sloppy and small, but it is designed to show the overall look from an on field view.
  6. Colors seem a bit bland. Maybe spice it up with some purple
  7. The jets could use an upgrade. They need something like this on their helmet.
  8. Dont be so nice, give it criticism so I can improve it.
  9. Makes sense. I'm not sure why they kept that dark blue. It was a horrible addition when they used it on those 'arena league' jerseys, and they should have scrapped it when they went back to a more classic look. Would you keep the helmet striping and mask the same then? O you reminded me, I would make the helmet stripe the same colors but just straight the whole way. A white face mask would be interesting but would look too much like the Dolphins.