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  1. NFL- Chargers Powder Blues NBA- Celtics MLB- Red Sox
  2. Amazing how the lack of navy blue really makes this Dolphin uni pop. These are truely South Beach instead of the downer/trendy dark outlined BS they sport now.
  3. WOW, now that's a stunningly great uniform. Yet another example of how the 60s and early 70s were the best of times in NFL uniform design.
  4. I say give me bleachers and $10 seats. Give football back to the general public. It's why I can't stand the NBA nodays. Last time I went to a game, over half the seats were empty until the 2nd quarter, and then when the seats filled, they were full of business people talking business and not even paying attention to the game.
  5. The multiple greys is probably a big reason why I really like their "throwbacks" that are just blue and white. If you can't get the grey right, leave it out. Simplify.
  6. Nickle City or not, I say ditch both the navy and the nickle color in the unis. And don't even get me started with the dot com era side stripes.
  7. Great "throwback" shot. Why can't they just copy the jags of the shoulder? Seems easy enough to me.
  8. Great pic WSU to show how the over abundance of jags on the pant bolt don't come close to matching the nice restraint of the helmet and shoulder bolt.
  9. Maybe it's just me but I think the bolt should arc at the waist like the body does and then arc with the bend of the knee at the knee. In Pantone's illustration, it seems to be doing that but from what I can find online and in images, it's doing the opposite. As for the number of jags, from what I can tell, the yellow pants had 6 whereas the current version has 8. Again, without being the equipment manager it's difficult to tell, but from all I've gathered that is the case. In any event the combo of too many jags and the double outline makes them seem busier than they need to be.
  10. Didn't the Pittsburgh Pices have pink and metallic silver uniforms? Can't find a pic but remember them being sweet.
  11. Palermo also wears pink and black. Rather well I'd say.
  12. Wrong. Mies van der Rohe is credited with that design philosophy. Venturi usually rebuffed it with "Less is a bore." Thanks for that, I stand corrected. To clarify, I'm in the "less is more" camp. Never liked that Venturi anyway
  13. How you can think he quoted the word ghetto just because it's not an English word is beyond me. Do people regularly quote grotto? That's not an english word either, but people don't go around typing, "Hugh Hefner's lovely "grotto" is a sight for sore eyes." Not everybody is out to get you or bring you down. The sooner you come to this realization, the sooner you can get on to doing bigger and better things in life. Good lesson for all.
  14. Has anyone else noticed that the Chargers pant bolts have been flipped and now have too many jags? Look at this comparison. IMO the older version of the bolt not only looks better with fewer jags, but the direction is better too as it follows the form of the leg.
  15. Helmet logo could be a bit smaller. As for the uniform. It is an instant classic. Solid, not trendy, quality design. As Venturi said, "less is more".
  16. The old Bengals uni was amazing, and probably overlooked since it had been amazing for so long. But, in reality, it was the perfect match of innovation (stripes) and solid design. It looked as though it was well though out and designed by a team of trained professionals. The current look reminds me of something you'd see from a bunch of highly creative but not yet seasoned college designers.
  17. Can't stand the blue Cowboys jerseys. Why white numbers with white outlines? The Danny White era blues were perfect with silver numbers outlined in blue and then white AND no star on the stripes. Only problem with the whites is the black outline on the stripes that doesn't continue through to the numbers. Either outline in black or don't outline in black, but not both.
  18. I don't buy the whole confusing argument. Spring training games are played with both squads wearing their dark, batting practice jerseys. I can't ever remember seeing a highlight showing an outfielder throwing to a baserunner by mistake. BUT, that being said, I think if they are going to stipulate a white vs non white look, they should enforce it for all games. As well, if a home teams wants to wear their colored alt, then the away team should be allowed to wear their whites. Finally, MLB, let away teams wear white pants with colored jerseys (ex A's look horrible with grey pants and green tops).
  19. Orange jersey has the makings of a good one: 1. Remove white side stripe 2. Replace "B" logo with the Bengals word mark 3. Block numerals with regular (not drop shadow) outline. If done, would be among the top in the league.
  20. I like the proposed color scheme except maybe not the metallic bronze, a non metallic would be really nice though.
  21. Interesting but would need to see it in action. Something tells me that the stripe going down the middle would look weird when combined with the shorts. Especially if the shorts had the stripe pattern too.
  22. I believe that "ghetto" is in quotes due to the fact that it isn't an English word, but rather Italian. To feel it is "talking down to us" is really beyond me.
  23. Black always seemed off to me too. I do wish they would incorporate the the brown color used in their court logo graphic. Would be a nice mix with the green and athletic gold.
  24. If you are looking to mimick the tiger, then just do it and make a uniform that looks like a tiger skin. If not, relax the over abundance of stripes... the Bengals are just trying too hard and it's not working.