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  1. No. That one has a navy bolt outlined in yellow.
  2. Anyone catch the helmet on Anthony Lynn’s desk during the draft? I can’t find a picture but it wasn’t any i’ve seen. Navy outlining a yellow bolt, no number, navy face mask.
  3. I wish more designers were allowed to do this with the uniforms (tell a story, build the brand). My guess is most want to but their ideas are committeed out of the final designs. Unfortunately whomever is making the decisions typically opts for trendy, clutter, rather than substance.
  4. Simple, consistent, clean. This is what the final tweak in the Patriots' design process could've been (modified from the Survival79 graphic)...
  5. I think all of this just proves that the Patriots may have one of the worst design decision making teams in the NFL. So easy to fix yet they overthink, over design, clutter and ruin their looks. The only conclusion is whomever is making the final decision, Kraft?, is completely void of design sense. Strange for an otherwise well run organization.
  6. Huge upgrade. Could do without the navy. Would like to see a yellow pant with royal to be worn with the royal jersey but that may be to come. Powder over yellow doesn't work, but the white over yellow is pretty great.
  7. Simple design issues I can't believe were not addressed.
  8. Thank goodness. But, the double outlined numeral ruins it. Should be blue only. And red stripes should never have blue between but that's a whole other issue (logo, USA flag, etc.)
  9. One huge miss is stripes should be red and white only. Look at the logo. Look at the American flag. Red and white stripes. When you put blue in the middle of the red stripes it changes the feel completely. Red and white stripes are iconic.
  10. Horribly designed. So many inconsistencies. Blue pant stripe widths different than the blue jersey’s shoulder stripes, double outlined numerals on white but single outlines on blue, odd choice for shoulder stripe color order on white, I could go on and on. These are actually a huge downgrade for them. Total fail.
  11. Just unveil it already so we can start the 5 year rule clock countdown.
  12. For me the problem is that they said they were going to release it before now and didn't (even before Covid). Without that, I wouldn't have cared. But to say you will do something, and then backtrack, just seems too typically bad Seattle management to me. It's what we've become accustom to in our city.
  13. If black or navy blue is anywhere in the uniform, it's a fail.
  14. Unfortunately I totally agree. Having worked with the city on various projects over the years, this does seems like the typical Seattle way. Bad news for the future of the team.
  15. Whatever the reason, I don’t think it’s a good sign that they have stalled. They had a solid albeit slow progression with the region (On radio, ads, etc) and now they just quit even trying to engage the public. Bad form and sends up definite warning flags.
  16. But if they were the "Super Sea Tridents", you could bring the fan bases together
  17. I’d say that’s either blatantly false or spun.
  18. If they really wanted to see what the public wanted, they should just do what the Seattle MLS franchise did and put it out for a vote. At that time fans were given these choices. A. Seattle Alliance B. Seattle FC C. Seattle Republic D. Write In (which turned out to be the Sounders) Either put it to a vote or pick a name and own it.
  19. Wow. I hope they pay/paid for the usage. That's even beyond the level of the Rams.
  20. Maybe they are so smart that they leaked the kraken name to make Sockeyes seem even better in the end. Kind of a “well at least we aren’t the Kraken”.
  21. Most teams that have been around a while have at least one solid set in their history. They should use that set unless they can come up with something better. Not different, not hip, not trendy, but honestly better.
  22. My worry is that the management is wavering and can’t make up their minds. Not a good sign for the organization moving forward. Overthinking can kill great things. Paralysis by analysis.
  23. Note to the Falcons, this is how you use a heavily stylized display font... sparingly. The word mark has the character and the numerals complement without trying to be another word mark.
  24. They still could do this, right? Not saying they would, but I don't think the 5 year rule applies to pants.
  25. If the Falcons had only used those Michigan State numerals, it would've been a HUGE improvement.
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