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  1. 80s chocolate brown is much better than the current military green/brown. Finger's crossed.
  2. Kraken reeks of a middle aged man trying really hard to be hip and cool with the kids these days.
  3. I disagree. As a visual communicator, I appreciate when the teams on the field are as easily separate visually as possible. The all white vs the purple/gold creates a very dramatic separation, and makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing game to watch.
  4. 3 more years until they can change back to these beauties? Classics for them.
  5. Painful game for me, but visually great uniforms, both teams.
  6. Exactly what's wrong with it. Stripes should match stripes, less so numerals. Pant stripe should be red only, no white outlines. May as well have one numeral outlined next to a non-outlined numeral. Poorly designed.
  7. I'd agree that I would not want to see an Oregon type of different helmet every week thing, but think allowing the Seahawks to wear a silver throwback or Tampa to wear a white throwback or the Chargers to wear a navy throwback helmet would be perfectly reasonable and would not water down the brand in any way.
  8. Really? I thought it was just another ridiculous "one helmet" type of rule. Well then, I think someone should start pairing a colored top with white pants as in most cases the look is far superior than with gray pants.
  9. I agree but the mismatch is far less noticeable than some others...
  10. I was hoping by traditional, that included silver helmets. I'd like to see those again.
  11. I really wish the MLB would allow white pants on the road if paired with colored tops. Looks great. As it is they allow a black/white vs navy/gray but won't allow white pants on the road... makes no sense whatsoever.
  12. Padres wore yellow/yellow in the 70s too. I think it's too much. But, I think the yellow/white is really nice. That being said, if they tried on the road a yellow/gray or yellow/beige would be horrible.
  13. I think the point is the all white looks like a JV high school team's practice gear since it's the most readily available off the shelf.
  14. Set it ok but I LOVE the all color vs all white games. Visually better.
  15. Funny, my wife walked by as I was watching the Bucs game yesterday and asked why the one team was brown. I always saw it as pewter gray since that's what they call it but now it looks very brown to me. It's in my head.
  16. Ah, interesting. I bet you are right. Even if that's the case though, why not wear the color rush pants since pants are part of the same NFL rule?
  17. If they don't look like practice uniforms, then sure. But these are 100% practice uniforms. I don't think that's a stretch at all.
  18. Ditch the practice uniforms. This is a real game.
  19. Would make them look more legit and I'd think it's vital to have jerseys available as the Christmas shopping season heats up in November.
  20. And a lot of yellow too. I was worried they'd go minimal and just use brown.
  21. I'd say it's bad. The less gimmicky the better. Looking like a minor league organization (while technically true) isn't a direction I'd recommend. Look professional, stable, solid... like you are going to last longer than every other outdoor league.
  22. Maybe I'm just getting used to it but with the all red socks, I'm liking Tampa's look more and more. Obviously just change the number font, simplify the outline, and it may be a nice set.
  23. Exactly. The NFL this season seems to be getting it right (whether by design or by luck) with many all color vs all white match ups. The more different the teams' looks, the better IMO.
  24. Right. Either way though, I just don't like the outlined version.