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  1. This looks dirty and not in a good way.
  2. Not sure I understand. You may have me confused with someone else.
  3. So we finally get rid of the Bucs digital clock numerals and the Falcons give us these? I guess it's a net positive but clean, regular block numerals without drop/side shadows would have been SO much better.
  4. Should've just made it white instead of gradient but then it would look identical to the college logo they ripped off of which we aren't allowed to discuss anymore.
  5. My understanding is we will pay for half of the Key refurb. And Hanson was first in line by years. Unfortunately the mayor that approved of him and his plan got voted out of office and the new mayor was controlled by others and dumped Hansen. Really depressing that a first rate progressive city with state of the art industry can still have such a corrupt government.
  6. I agree that the pewter alt is bad. Kind of surprised there. I think it could've been a really nice 3rd look but the lack of orange kind of ruins it.
  7. Forcing any letterform into the shape of a mascot is bad in my book. I know many LOVE the Washington State logo with the crammed up WSU making a cougar head shape but I think it's horrible. Forcing something almost never produces a superior design.
  8. I'd also include the NHL Seattle group to that list of heavy "influencers" to the Council. HANSEN OPTION - New Arena in stadium district using no public funds - New overpass from Port waterfront to freeway using no public funds - Refurbished Key Arena scaled down to 7,500 to perfect suit Storm and Seattle U basketball - Refurbished Memorial Stadium (next to Key Arena) NHL SEATTLE OPTION - Refurbished Key Arena paid for by the public And the winner is... NHL SEATTLE! Way to look out for the city, council members!
  9. It has nothing to do with continuity. I get that you are talking franchise, but that's not what's being discussed here. It's the historical look of a team (not a franchise). That's why the Titans and Jets are different teams even though they are the same franchise.
  10. Not even close. Middle of the pack among NFL teams at best (probably more like bottom 1/3). And as teams, the Galaxy and LAFC have more support in LA than the Chargers. That was my point a few pages back. Ownership and their lack of care for the fans turned many away. But, I'd say San Diego was still a huge Chargers town, just one in hiding. If, like happened in Seattle, a local fan friendly owner bought the team, there would've been thousands deep waiting lists for season tickets.
  11. You are missing the point. The original question was asking what a team's historical look was. The Titans were navy/gold. The Jets were/are green. To say that the Jets historical look is navy/gold is completely false. The franchise had both but each team had their own.
  12. No. One was the Titans and the other is the Jets. Changing name and mascot obviously changes the historical brand.
  13. Right, I'm just saying knowing how horrible it was for Houston fans to have their team ripped from them, I wouldn't want to have anything to do with the Oilers if I were a Titans fan. I'd love the Titans, but wouldn't want any of the Oiler stigma to be associated with the team. That's Houston's team, Tennessee's is the Titans.
  14. That is shocking to me. Wow. I'd think they wouldn't want to be associated with stealing another city's team (at least I wouldn't). They'd want to be proud of their own team with its own unique history. Who knew?
  15. If I'm the Bucs and if their new jerseys end up looking like the Falcons new jerseys, I'd say you BETTER unveil those uniforms first. Whomever unveils second will be the copy whether true or not.
  16. My guess is the overwhelming majority of people in Tennessee would NOT want to see their Titans in a Houston Oiler uniform. My guess is the overwhelming majority of people in Houston WOULD want to see their Texans in the Houston Oiler uniform. Again, forget technicalities, do the common sense thing and allow the Texans to wear the Oiler uniforms once a year.
  17. I disagree. San Diegans have a major little brother complex with LA don't want to have anything to do with them. If anything it would've solidified the support for the Chargers in the San Diego area and created a great rivalry.
  18. Anyone think the Chargers will quietly release their new uniforms the day after the Rams do a full on Hollywood production unveiling?
  19. Bad ownership can easily make fans lukewarm. Seattle was rock solid, 30,000+ waiting list for season tickets, then the Nordstoms sold them to a horrible, out of area, owner and that support dried up fast and the team even moved to LA for a split second. Fortunately local hero Paul Allen stepped up, bought the team, and fan support returned in full force. Chargers need a local hero, like Seattle had, to step up and convince the NFL to force the Spanoses to sell and put the team back in San Diego.
  20. I hope when we come out of this current mess maybe we'll see less frivolous items like the neon hats. Get back to the nuts and bolts. But I'm an old man I've been told
  21. The Chargers don't have anything. They gave up San Diego county fans when they moved and LA never wanted them. Sure there are a handful of diehards who stuck with the team for reasons I can't understand but they are a nomad team without a home or fanbase.
  22. Within reason of course. But when a team has a look for their first 10-20+ years, that to me is who they are. And, the Jets were never navy and gold, that was the Titans.
  23. Historic to me is what you were born with (Falcons red helmet, Bucs creamsicle, Seahawks silver, etc.). A brunette can dye their hair blond for 30 years but they are still a brunette.
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