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  1. Agreed. One simple change to the existing royal/yellow (and the color rush) would be to use a single blue stripe on the yellow pants (basically what they have now on the white pants). Other than that, I'm not sure what I would change as changing would only be for change's sake, not for the better.
  2. You'd think they've realized that they don't need to change a thing from their royal/yellow LA set. Very popular. Why risk coming up with a new look that isn't better. All that will happen is that a majority of the fans will still wear the old royal/yellow and continue to clamor for a return to those.
  3. When are the uniforms being unveiled? I hope they are on the more conservative, traditional, timeless side but fear they are going to want to appeal to the gaming crowd.
  4. I like it but would love the emphasis on the orange rather than the red. The other thing I'd love to see them do it use the Bucco Bruce format on the helmet but substitute the current skull for the human face.
  5. I've said it before and I'll inevitably say it again, oldest crutch in the designer's book is to try and make a mediocre design better by adding black. Try harder Nike.
  6. Agree that the Jags white socks didn't work with that set. Teal socks with black shoes balance it out much better.
  7. Makes sense but always strikes me as funny that most of the "ice" looks are for games played in hot summer or early fall conditions.
  8. This is great news. Not sure where the "we cannot exactly give him cash" stuff is coming from. Are we to believe that universities don't pay for the designs they are selling?
  9. That is an amazing uniform with an absolutely horrible helmet sticker. What a waste.
  10. Exactly. Great story BUT they need to pay the kid if they are selling his design. Yes I'm old and cynical, but the University's benefit from this by donating proceeds to some organization greatly outweighs the benefit to the child or his family. They should do the right thing and pay the child a portion of the proceeds as well.
  11. I think it might have except that they went for the San Diego Surf look in the early 2000s and got rid of the friar. Fans wanted the friar, and now brown back.
  12. At least change the helmet striping to match. Come on.
  13. At least the pitch fork doesn't have a double outline.
  14. I'd be fine with keeping the color rush for 1-2 games a season (if they removed the white stripe on the helmet) but then making their full time the "pre 5 years ago" classics (with original helmet with white stripe).
  15. Or simply remove the white stripe (I know traditionalist hate this idea but visually I think it's way better).
  16. Can they change pant designs if wanted? For instance can they just wear their old white pants with regular stripe?
  17. Right. I don't like overly forced letter/mascot forms (Falcons, WSU) so was thinking of how they could've had a subtle implied S form. Fine how it is but could've been that much better as a subtle S.
  18. Lose the Cleveland on the chest and make the drop shadow a full outline and it's not bad.
  19. I still say the disconnect is the JETS logo on the helmet. All other elements are streamlined and sharp yet the JETS logo on the helmet is arced. The old Concord logo would have matched perfectly with this set.
  20. I don't know if I'm happy or not that the Dragons didn't try and force an S for Seattle into the Dragon shape. So close but cuts off.
  21. I'm liking these ok. I think the helmet logo really ruins the overall look though. Their italic block NY in the oval would have been perfect.
  22. Or like when the Padres tried to use wave imagery instead of the friar. Lazy. Embrace the mascot or get a new one.
  23. I'm confused. So you are saying it's poor form to say in the LA Rams new uniform thread "I think the Rams throwbacks would look better without the white stripe on the pants" and then mock it up so it's easy to see? Seems odd to censor this type of discussion.
  24. Maybe we're talking about different things here but I often post "concepts" when referencing why I think something doesn't work or what changes could be made to make an existing look better. Seems a more effective way of illustrating my thoughts than simply saying "I think this would look better without the x.y. or z"
  25. Yes I know. But having moved from three different great neighborhoods due to progress that replaces nice little homes with multiplex condos I’ve seen enough. Seattle Condos would be a quite appropriate name. Ha. Honestly though I’m hoping for an old school name even if Seattle isn’t old school.